2 comments on “Caricature – The Man & The Mouse, and the Advantages of Height

  1. Thanks:) I guess drawing doesn’t pay (well…for most of us.)

    Glad you shared that link…I can feel the heat of a glowing light-bulb over my head:)


  2. Aw Mercury….yer really good at this, I tell ya….wish Gram could draw like that….she could make some money ta buy us more chewys…..

    Somehow we missed the other ones on this blog….but we caught up tonight…..great job….

    Yes Jeff Graham is a lovely example of the Wire Fox Terrier….he is a champion and is being shown as a special now to win more ribbons. Gram ‘n Pap will be seein’ his Mom ‘n Dad this week at a holiday dinner….

    Ya know we are sure glad that we don’t have ta look like that ( not that we could)….he probably spends 20 hours a week on a groomin’ table….not our idea of fun….no siree.

    Have a great week…do ya celebrate Christmas there? If Gram wasn’t so busy all the time we would have ‘er google that…..’n see if ya do.

    Guess ya heard that when President Obama had a state dinner fer the Indian Premier, a wannabee couple got inta the party uninvited…..boy….they are gonna be sorry that they did that……in case ya missed it here’s a link ta one of the stories…..

    Dewey Dewster here….


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