The Noses – Nicole Kidman and the Bloodhounds!

What’s there in a nose?

A lot, if those attached to the noses are Nicole Kidman and the Bloodhounds.

Caricature of Hollywood Celebrity Nicole Kidman, her nose, and two critical bloodhounds.

Looks aren’t everything…especially with the Bloodhounds!

Didn’t sniff someone’s butt properly – did she?

News Flash – Calendars are Up!
Download Nicole Kidman’s Printable Calendar pdf here.
(Opens in New Window and includes a crisp print-quality image of this caricature.)


14 comments on “The Noses – Nicole Kidman and the Bloodhounds!

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  2. must say a a really u r great. i wanna learn how to make sketches as i can copy them easily but cant make myself. hope u cud help me. Achil


    • Thanks for your kinds remarks, Achil. There are many artists in this world who I look up to – and actually, I am a learner, quite like you. I’ve noted some suggestions here: and as you’ll notice, the suggestions are mainly focused on practice. IMHO, there’s no other way to learn drawing or anything else for that matter. I would also recommend that you try to retain images in your mind and then draw them. In the beginning, they’ll not be as good as the copied images, but you learn a lot faster by comparing your drawings with the original pictures.

      My best Wishes to you,


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  4. Why dont you upload a slightly larger size for your caricatures? Its hard to see the details and in Obama’s portrait, one cant read the text… i read it in your comments though.


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