Caricature/Cartoon – Jack Nicholson and the Two Birds – As Good as it Gets!

From the romantic comedies such as “As Good as it Gets” to some serious gray character stuff in “A Few Good Men” – Jack Nicholson has played a memorable role in every kind of movie. He began his movie career in 1958 and since then he has worked in more than 60 movies! This caricature is dedicated to his awe-inspiring (brow-lifting?) ability to transform into the characters he plays.

Caricature or cartoon of Jack Nicholson, the Hollywood actor, and two enterprising birds.

The Secret is Out – This is How Jack Nicholson Accomplishes it!

The Wolf with the birds?!

Check out some interesting info-bytes about Jack Nicholson and his movies at the following links.

News Flash – Calendars are Up!
Download Jack Nicholson’s Printable Calendar pdf here.
(Opens in New Window and includes a crisp print-quality image of this caricature.)


16 comments on “Caricature/Cartoon – Jack Nicholson and the Two Birds – As Good as it Gets!

  1. This is a awesome caricature. I just hit upon one of your sketches and couldn’t stop exploring more.. U r too good at caricature. I especially love the way u blend humor into your pencil strokes . +1 to you fan list 😀 .


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  10. Oh my dog Mercury….Gram just loves that movie “As good as it gets”……..her and Pap watched it many times and can still laugh at poor pathetic Jack Nicholson in that film…..anytime ya see ’em on TV, he acts a bit nutty so maybe the characters that he plays aren’t too far from the truth……but then wasn’t it good old Jack who said.”You can’t handle the truth”!!!!

    Great job !!!!!

    Dewey Dewster here…..


    • Dewey,
      I’ve watched “As Good as it Gets” twice, and I don’t mind watching it again:) I haven’t seen him on TV (we don’t get many US channels on TV here – except CNN, which is more international than American) – but it’s quite possible that he’s as quirky in real-life as he is in his movies:)

      Thanks for commenting and enriching this blog.



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