Caricature/Cartoon – Bruce Willis, the Unbreakable, and the Die Hard Woodpecker.

Bruce Willis – The Unbreakable!

Caricature/Cartoon of Bruce Willis with A Die Hard Woodpecker Trying to Test his Unbreakability.

Unbreakable – Eh?!

I had watched the first three Die Hard Movies before I watch The Sixth Sense, when Bruce Willis catapulted to the top of my Hollywood favorites list. Somewhere around the same time I saw “The Unbreakable” – Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis. I think that both these movies (the Sixth Sense and the Unbreakable) were directed by Manoj “Night” Shyamalan. So one thing led to another, and I became a fan of Shyamalan’s work too – until I saw “The Village“, which made me wonder whether Shyamalan could weave his magic only through Bruce Willis!

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Coming up shortly…Celebrity Caricature Calendars of the printable sort! Do return for your copy.

News Flash – Calendars are Up!
Download Bruce Willis’ Printable Calendar pdf here.
(Opens in New Window and includes a crisp print-quality image of this caricature.)


7 comments on “Caricature/Cartoon – Bruce Willis, the Unbreakable, and the Die Hard Woodpecker.

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  6. Hi Dewey,

    I am glad to hear that Florida has thawed up:) I don’t fancy seeing the three of you as popsicles…so please don’t shave off all that fine fur you have.

    About Bruce Willis’ bald pate…well, I think it’s got something to do with his tough look (in his first Die Hard movie he doesn’t look all that tough…does he?)

    Take care and don’t fall into those pits:)



  7. Ah Mercury…….Bruce Willis is one tough lookin’ fellow…..and we have always wondered….not just about him but about pretty much all people who shave their heads….whether they have any hair at all but not enough to be bothered with or that NOTHING grows on their head at all. Since we hear that ya lose more body heat out yer head……bein’ as it has been so cold in most parts of the country….do these guys go around with hats on all the time????? Or do they just shiver a lot????

    I can tell ya that we are sure glad that Gram didn’t scalp us all before we got here in Florida……we woulda turned inta popsicles fer sure…..can ya imagine seein’ 3 terrier popsicles decoratin’ the frosted and dead grass here in Florida ???? We can see green spots sproutin’ up now and more appear everyday. Here’s hopin’ all the strawberries that the farmers were so worried about in Florida survived cause all the water they used ta try ta save ’em have caused sink holes all over the place….we’re afraid we might fall inta one and never been seen again…..

    Dewey Dewster here……


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