Caricature/Cartoon – Brad Pitt and Achilles’ Dilemma in Troy.

What’s he thinking?

A caricature of Hollywood actor Brad Pitt as Achilles in Troy.

I Need Them…Pronto!

I didn’t know that Brad Pitt could look so handsome, until I watched Troy (and until I DIDN’T watch “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and “Interview with a Vampire.”) In Troy, his bronzed body, his rippling muscles, and his little golden lock bound in itsy-bitsy leather straps, must’ve made him the heart-throb of every movie-going teenager/tweener/thirtier…! But the best-kept secret about Troy was that it didn’t have a single shop that sold good quality heel-guards! In fact, Achilles spent a lot of time, going shop to shop…hoping that he’d find one – so that his heel stayed intact!

Now, you tell me – what was Brad’s Achilles’ heel when it came to his relationship with Ms. High-brow Angelina Jolie (The Brangelina Fever)? (you don’t believe that she’s a high-brow – right? Wait for her Caricature to appear on your favorite caricature blog!) Why didn’t their relationship work out? Who lurked in the shadows…and who came between this happy Hollywood couple (or who all – if we could take cues from the original Tiger Woods Musical Chairs that he played with about twenty (nineteen/fourteen – I don’t remember) beauties)? Is it that an old relationship (with Jennifer Aniston) refuses to die? And also…what exactly is in the air? A Divorce or a Separation? Are they really married?

I am confused.

If you know the answers to these questions, please enlighten this ignorant caricaturist through your comment on this post. Your answers could become part of a star-studded post on this blog, which I intend to call – “The TMZ Caricature!”

(Check out the TMZ Website for the Brangelina rumor – Oprah Winfrey’s blacklisted Brangelina from her show!)

And now, it’s time for a short non-commercial break – Don’t go away!

(Nice tune of unidentified origins.)
Coming up shortly…Celebrity Caricature Calendars of the printable sort! Do return for your copy.
(Another nice tune of unidentified origins.)

Thanks for being with me…
Now it’s time for me to say good-bye. In the next post of this blog, we shall meet the caricature of Angelina Jolie, and ask her what went wrong…
until then…
stay with me – I am Shafali, and…

(PS: Did I get carried away with that “Caricature of a Talk-show”?)

Update – March 14, 2010.

Download the Brad Pitt as Achilles in Troy Hollywood Celebrities Calendar for 2010 here.


11 comments on “Caricature/Cartoon – Brad Pitt and Achilles’ Dilemma in Troy.

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  8. Ah Mercury….

    Ya have captured Brad Pitt but Gram isn’t sure that she likes the big lips…..cause she always thought he was really good lookin’ and thought that he looked great with Jennifer Aniston. Don’t know what happened there but he did seem ta have found his soul-mate with Angelina.

    Now anyone who can fall in love with Billy Bob Thornton has a screw loose in the belfry area….’n he was her second husband….Brad would have been her third but they have not married…..’n that makes a break-up a bit easier on everyone but the kids. Do ya think they have enough???? Now they can afford ’em…unlike a lot of people who have a ton of ’em but ya have ta wonder what they were tryin’ ta prove gettin’ so many.

    Now I guess we all have ta wait til the tabloids sort all this out cause lots of times they have the story wrong. Who knows if the 2 of ’em will break up or not. With all the marriages ( even though they were not officially married) in Hollywood endin’ up in divorce….they’re romance seems ta have lasted a long time.

    The 2 of ’em have done wonderful deeds around the world….’n they can afford ta too but there are lots of others who can too but don’t give a hoot about all the unfortunate souls out there. So even if they go their separate ways, they will be remembered for all the people they helped along the way.

    Since it sounds like ya aren’t real thrilled with Angelina…..we can’t wait ta see what yer rendition of her will be……just remember ta be a bit kind…..cause we know even though Oorvi always has caustic words ta say about ya…..yer a nice person fer sure…..

    Have a good week and keep drawin’…..

    Dewey Dewster here….


    • Hi Dewey,

      Thanks for the confirmation on the status of the Brangelina relationship. I’ve been nice to Angelina:) though I wonder how long I can remain nice!

      Do you want me to be nice to Pamela Anderson too? She might be next.



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  10. and see bredangel: lol: great cartoon, and I looked there before I go to sleep and say that I noted that you do not lose somewhere along the way .. Good night Sh .. 😆


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