Celebrity Calendars 2010 Unveiled!

You did want a copy of that caricature of Johnny Depp…didn’t you? Or did you want Nicole Kidman’s? Or…Bruce Willis’? Or…Jack Nicholson‘s?

I’ll tell you about my selection:-)
The Jack Nicholson calendar graces my pin-board in office and Bruce Willis and his woodpeckers smile down upon me at home:-)

If you want your favorite celebrity to make you smile through those tough moments at work, find him or her at Celebrity Calendars. Just click here, then select your favorite Hollywood Actor, Musician, Singer, or Sports Personality; and click their link to download their calendars. Feel free to distribute the prints – Spread the Smile!

These calendars are in pdf format with crisp images, so you’ll get lovely prints:) For added beauty, use a lightly colored paper.

This list is growing:-) so you may want to check every week to see whether your favorite celebrity calendar has been added.

The next on my Caricature hit list is none other than the Eyeball-Magnet, Ms. Pamela Anderson! Do return for your share of smiles:-)


2 comments on “Celebrity Calendars 2010 Unveiled!

  1. Ya know Mercury….we may be a world away from ya but yer sure familiar with all the celebrities from the U.S.

    We think Pamela is a has-been but she sure does get around and knows how ta make the tabloids too. Are ya sure that yer in New Dehli ‘n not in the U.S. ???

    The world is gettin’ smaller all the time…..we’ll check back later ta see what ya have done……actually we subscribed ta the blog so we know what’s happenin’ since Gram is so bad about bloggin’ anymore. We’re still waitin’ on that medication fer her….when we get it we sure hope that it helps….

    Dewey Dewster here……


    • Hi Dewey,

      Of course I am familiar with the celebrities of the US. I watch about two Hollywood movies a week! But that’s where it all ends:)

      Pamela’s going to join the gentry tomorrow:)



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