Caricature/Cartoon – The Pierced, Tattooed, Dermal-Implanted, and Otherwise Modified Human’s Unique Selling Proposition!

This caricature was inspired by Mr. Don Mills’ blog, “The Problem with Young People today is…” and more specifically by his post, “God Damned Teenagers and Their Pierced Noses Make Me Crazy!

caricature cartoon of a human with piercings, tattoos, dermal implants, birds, mice, bees, and butterflies!

I am Unique!

So, what all have you got pierced? Your ears? Your nose? Your upper lip? Your lower lip? Your tongue? Your eyebrows? Anything else of the unmentionable variety in the nether regions?

Primarily tribal in origin (lip piercing and stretching common in the African and American tribal culture/nose-piercing common among the Indian tribals/Septum piercing among the Aztecs, the Mayans…and so on and so forth,) Piercings and other kinds of body modification techniques are making a comeback…especially in the West.

The body piercing movement in the US gained ground in 1990s. According to Wikipedia, a survey in England too found that 10% of those above 16 had body piercings in places other than their ear lobes.

(Source: Wikipedia)

The most commonly cited reasons for piercings are: religious beliefs and self-expression. “I was born to look like everyone else – but I wanted to look different! Piercings, Tattoos, and even dermal implants make me unique!”

Fantastic! Unique, with a uniqueness quotient of 10%!

And Tattoos?

They are considered to be marks of status and religion. They are also thought to have magical properties. No Wonder about a third of the world population has had a tattoo of some kind.  Please take this information with a pinch of ink, because I’ve misplaced the source!

So here is an interesting fun fact about Piercings:

The Most Pierced Woman in the World is Elaine Davidson. As of Feb 2009, she had more than 6000 piercings, and lugs about 3 kilograms of jewelery, nicely distributed upon her person. She lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.  What we need to note is that in May 2000, she had 462 piercings, and this number ballooned to more than 6000 in the years that followed her discovery by the media.


12 comments on “Caricature/Cartoon – The Pierced, Tattooed, Dermal-Implanted, and Otherwise Modified Human’s Unique Selling Proposition!

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    • Incredible! I never thought that this satirical post on piercings could interest the sellers of belly rings, tongue rings (!), and septum retainers!


  5. I have pierced ears and that’s it. My younger colleagues are CONVINCED I have a tatoo somewhere despite me saying, repeatedly, that I do not. They can’t somehow imagine that I don’t, even if it’s somewhere I wouldn’t show anyone. I’m not sure quite what this reflects on most: the modern preoccupation with tats, or with their perception of me as someone who must have a tat somewhere.
    I do toy with the idea of a very small, very simple tatoo one day, when I am grown up enough to make such a huge decision. It’s gonna be a while….


    • Hi Viv,

      Thanks for the confirmation:) I had a lingering doubt that you’ve got two huge dragons tattooed on your back.

      Glad that you stopped by:)



  6. Truly wonderful, Shafali! That’s exactly the type of “look” I was referring to in my post. The mice doing trapeze are hilarious.

    I would love it if you could please send me the PDF version.

    all the best,


    p.s. Sorry for the delay in getting over to see this.


  7. Hey Mercury…..

    Gram said ta tell ya that she gets physically ill when she sees some of the places people get pierced nowadays…..she can tell ya and she will….that she nearly had only ONE pierced ear cause everyone told ‘er that yer ear lobes have NO FEELIN’ ‘n that she would never even feel the needle goin’ in…….guess what ???? She felt the first needle ‘n didn’t like it at all….no siree…..was about ta leave with just one earin’ in ‘er ear…..but decided that would look pretty silly ‘n peg ‘er fer a chicken….so she stayed ta get the other ear pierced as well…….would never do it again…..nope…..nada…ya would have ta put ‘er under the sleepin’ drug ta get ‘er ta get anymore done……

    Me? Ya may ask???? I think the whole thing is silly… Pap’s Mom says….if God wanted ya ta have pierced ears….he woulda made ’em that way…..

    Dewey Dewster here…..


    • So Gram has holes in her ear lobes. Hmm. Well, the fact of the matter is that I too have holes in my ear lobes. My ears (like everybody else’s around here) were pierced when I hadn’t developed what’s known as “self-concept.” Traditions exist because they are forced down your throat before you reach the age of reason.

      Piercings too seem to be a symbol of self-concept for many. The unfortunate part of the whole deal being the dynamic nature of self-concept.

      Thanks for sharing:)



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