A Personal Note, News, and A Huge Thank you!

Connecting with the regular visitors to this blog with some Personal News from the caricaturist’s rather untidy and disorganized desk…

  1. After two weeks our Internet Service Provider finally caved in and allowed us a connection. I am now wired…again!
  2. The George Clooney Caricature is ready. It shall be unveiled shortly. So remember to check again:)
  3. My dog has been threatening to bite me if I don’t start to work on her project immediately – now that the shifting process is over (so she thinks!) I’ll shortly introduce the project at your own Caricature Blog as well.
  4. I am adding the 6th Chapter to the book, “The Evolution of a Caricaturist,” this weekend. This chapter will discuss how we should draw the eyes while creating caricatures. The book has been performing rather well on Knol, and the chapters have totaled more than 1100 views in less than two months. I am happy with the overall feedback, but would love some more:) Feel free to add a comment/drop me a line at drawToSmile {at where else but} gmail.com!

I want to close this note with a BIG, HUGE, THANK YOU!

for visiting…

for leaving comments…

for writing to me…

for inspiring me…

for downloading the celebrity caricature calendars…

for clicking the images to view their bigger versions…

for not feeling bad upon not finding the bigger versions…

for occasionally using the caricatures from this blog on yours…

and finally…


I love you for being there and touching my life in so many ways! Be Happy and be Safe…ALWAYS!


4 comments on “A Personal Note, News, and A Huge Thank you!

  1. Well Mercury….Ya sound upbeat fer sure….must be the fact that ya got the Internet service goin’….I tell ya that would make us happy too….cause we just got our internet service yesterday at the place Gram ‘n Pap drug us to ta live.

    Actually the place is pretty nice…..we have more room….there are still lots of doggies around…..and now we don’t have ta worry about bein’ thrown outta the place cause of bad behavior….but don’t tell Gram that we know about that part……

    Now all we have ta do is get Gram ta let us do a new post cause no one knows what we’ve been doin’ all this time.

    Hopefully ya can get some chicken in bowl funds from yer beautiful drawin’ work…..why we would pay ya fer some of it….yes siree…..ya sure are talented…..

    Dewey Dewster here…..


    • Hi Dewey,

      Thanks for your kind comments:) I’d been missing you. Tried your blog, but the last post that you did was sometime in December.

      I too hope that this drawing work would somehow bring in some dough that we could transform into chicken for Oorvi and into bread for us. (don’t mind the butter – we’ve got to restrict the calories.)

      Make that new post soon:) See you at your blog.

      Love, Shafali


    • I know…I know:) I think she should become a Motivation Guru. I need to type out a few posts for her too. I wish she’d write one on Time-Management…I need some tips.

      Glad you came over – I keep oscillating between the two blogs and I often end up becoming biased:(

      Here’s a mutton kabab for you:)



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