Caricature/Cartoon – Gorgeous George Clooney’s Impeccable Hairstyle.

You’ve been waiting for the “Gorgeous George” Clooney to debut on this blog…haven’t you? Your wait ends:-) Here’s Mr. Impeccable!

Caricature/Cartoon of George Clooney with two aliens discussing his hairstyle!

Is the Alien Right?

Clooney shot to fame by portraying the character of Dr. Doug Ross, in the famous NBC series ER. (He returned to the ER series in March ’09.) He began his Hollywood career in “From Dusk till Dawn.” He worked in some other movies until he became the Batman (after Val Kimer and Michael Keaton – I haven’t seen the one with Michael Keaton…can’t imagine him as Batman!). Unfortunately “Batman and Robin” belied Clooney’s expectations. Another memorable film of his was “Three Kings“, a movie that I’d be happy to recommend.

Other famous movies that star Clooney are:

Around 2002, Clooney began testing the Directorial Waters. His famous directorial ventures are:

Up in the Air” (2010) is his most recent release, in which he plays the role of Ryan Bingham.

On the personal front, Clooney seems to be highly risk-averse. He had a married stint of 4 years, after which he decided never to marry again.

Some other interesting Clooney bytes:

  • Nick Name: Gorgeous George
    In 1997, he was voted the best-dressed television star (Note the bow-tie.)
    Until 2006, he owned a pet pig called Max. Upon his death in 2006, he was devastated and vowed never to adopt a pet pig again. (Another proof of his risk-averse nature. I wonder how brave a batman he made?) Here’s a news-byte that might interest those who believe in communicating with the spirits.
    Nephew of Rosemary Clooney.

Those on facebook might be interested in starting a campaign against him. This is what he has to say about Facebook.

“I’d rather have a rectal examination on live TV by a fellow with cold hands than have a Facebook page!”

I’ll be adding the George Clooney Calendar soon. Return for your copy.

Also…from the Blogosphere:

Download the George Clooney Hollywood Celebrities Calendar for 2010 here.


11 comments on “Caricature/Cartoon – Gorgeous George Clooney’s Impeccable Hairstyle.

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  5. Aw Mercury….George Clooney……Gram just loves ’em ta death……but I think his chin looks a bit like the long chin of Jay Leno. Yep Gram likes ta watch George in his movies except one of those Ocean movies he made left her feelin’ a bit lost… moved too fast and back-tracked way too much fer her feeble mind ta follow. She’s still tryin’ ta figure it out.

    Pap likes ta watch “O Brother Where Art Thou’ Now that’s a movie that ya have ta think about fer a spell….

    Great job Mercury….’n once Gram gets ‘er act back together….we may actually know what’s goin’ on in the world….why we haven’t even visited any blogs fer weeks……shameful……don’t ya think ???? We’re thinkin’ of havin’ ‘er locked up…….maybe tomorrow….

    Dewey Dewster here….


    • Hi Dewey,

      Glad you could drag Gram to my blog:) I guess George Clooney must’ve been the motivator. I too hated the Ocean Movies. I know “hated” is too strong a word – but I actually slept through most of O11 and steered clear of 12 and 13! My empathy range fell short…there were too many characters!

      I am waiting to hear about your adventures…and you’d be happy to know that the project that Oorvi’s been yapping about has finally begun to roll:)

      Treats to you and Regards to your wonderful Gram.



  6. Wow- I loved your Clooney caricature!! 🙂
    I though he was amazing in Up in The Air, I really enjoyed that movie. He really brought his character, Ryan Bingham, to life…


    • Dear Lua,

      Thanks. Glad you visited. I haven’t watched “Up in the Air” yet, but I think that the theme of the movie is very intriguing:)

      Warm Regards,


  7. Iam really looking ahead to look at the oscars soon. All the big stars walking by, especially the girls in their skinny dresses ;). The movie Avatar shall be the biggest winner i guess…


    • Hi Tonya,

      Thanks for stopping by. You are right – the girls at the Oscars should give me some interesting insight into how their caricatures could be made more interesting:)

      Do visit again to see if your inspirational message has borne fruits.



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