Caricature/Cartoon & Portrait – Sandra Bullock Plans to Retire After a Golden Globe, an Oscar, and Two Razzies!

Sandra Plans her Next Move!

Caricature of Sandra Bullock, the Hollywood actress who won the golden globe, academy award (Oscar) for the Blind Side, and the Razzy Awards for All About Steve!

What Next?

I am an admirer of Sandra Bullock. A great fan indeed. Mainly because despite her god-given nose, she went on the conquer Hollywood, and lately because she had the gumption to accept in person, the two Razzies that she won just the eve before the Oscars! Here’s Sandra making here future plans after winning the three (actually four) awards in a row! Retirement from acting could allow her to focus her attention on Fortis Films, her own production company. Good thinking, I’d say. Fortis Films need to do better if they don’t want more Razzies coming their way!

Here’s a portrait of Sandra Bullock that I did in 1998 – A much younger Sandra by a much younger me!

A Portrait of a Younger Sandra Bullock done in 1998.

Young Sandra Bullock - 1998 (Graphite Relief Work - 8.5 inches x 11.5 inches)

For Sandra, success didn’t come easy. Born in 1964, she continued to struggle until her early thirties, when she starred in Speed. Next she worked in While You Were Sleeping and Miss Congeniality (a lovely movie.) Both these movies had their sequels made.

Another movie in which Sandra Bullock’s performance brought her applause was Crash. (Albeit small, her role in this movie leaves a strong impression on you.) Another good movie is the Lake House, which is based on a somewhat abstract concept. (Two people, Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, inhabit the same house but in different dimensions of time – and they connect through time. Weird Concept – but weirdness has its takers, as this caricature here proves.)

According to the Wikipedia entry, the Blind Side has been a hugely successful movie – the highest grosser so far with a female lead. Following are the awards that she won for her performance in this movie.

The Academy Award (and she won on her first nomination!)
The Golden Globe Award
The Screen Actors Guild Award

Additionally, Sandra Bullock has the rare distinction of winning two Razzies (Golden Raspberry Awards give for worst performances) just a day before winning the Oscar! She won the Razzies for some unknown (to me) film called, All About Steve! (This movie, incidentally, was produced by Fortis Films, Ms. Bullock’s own production company.)

Movies I’d recommend (and I’ve seen):

and of course, The Blind Side!

Have fun:) Do return for New Celebrity Calendars (Sandra’s included) – the Next Update on your favorite Caricature Blog!

Download the Celebrity Calendar “Sandra Bullock with her Oscar, Golden Globe, and Razzies!” here.

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15 comments on “Caricature/Cartoon & Portrait – Sandra Bullock Plans to Retire After a Golden Globe, an Oscar, and Two Razzies!

  1. wow ! wow ! wow!
    i could write this million times in your every page !
    wow ! simply amazing and you are a true talent ! 🙂

    it’s impossible to pick a favorite. I was browsing google for John Lennon’s pic and then I landed here 🙂
    truely amazing!


  2. Wow Shafali! Such a beautiful portrait! I’m saving it (hope you won’t mind :)) Wish I could draw like that 🙂 I think you’ve made her look more beautiful than she really is! 🙂


    • You are welcome:)
      I haven’t…made her more beautiful…that is. I did this portrait many years ago (12, I think) so you see a much younger Sandra in this picture. Age brings some unsavory changes to one’s face. The nose and the ears become larger, the lips become thinner, and the eyes smaller – if you compare this picture with any of the newer ones of Sandra, you’d possibly see these differences.
      You could surpass this if you worked on shades and lines – you’ve got the most important and the most difficult to master component absolutely right, which of course is proportions and likeness:)
      All the best to you.
      Warm Regards,


  3. Gee I missed this caricature….just love the drawing of the young Sandra……her divorce is final from the nutcase she decided ta marry….good riddance ta bad rubbish….an old American saying that goes back ta Gram’s time and before even…..why that’s why no one hears it taday….old, old, old….

    Dewey Dewster here….


    • Hi Dewey,

      Glad you found it – especially the drawing. I think I did it in 1997/98. It’s an old drawing – but I just love the sparkle in the eyes:)



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  5. Great post Shafali! I love how you portrayed and caricaturized her with all her awards 🙂 She’s one of my favorite actresses; I don’t know how many times I watched “forces of nature” and “28 days”…
    “Two weeks notice” actually made me question my decision about quit practicing law haha 🙂


    • Hi Lua,

      Happy to see you here again:) I haven’t seen any of the movies that you’ve mentioned:( but thanks for the recommendations.

      I like Sandra Bullock’s spontaneity. She becomes one with the character she plays. I am sure she must’ve put in a lot of hard work to reach where she has:)

      I think I’ll be updating the Calendars tomorrow – so visit again…you might find something that you’d like to put on your soft board.

      Warm Regards,


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