The Zen of Finding your Lost Love Makes Tom Hanks Disappear!

I was going to post Tom Hanks’ caricature today, but a comment on my book made me change my mind. (Updated: March 15, 2010Tom Hanks’ Caricature Posted:-))

The gentleman who commented, is an authority in the field of information technology, and he (as he says in his comment,) is only a few years away from retirement. Long time ago when he was younger, he used to draw. It was his hobby. Then many years passed and the hobby was forgotten, until recently, when he rediscovered it. Now he hopes to start again:-)

He made me think about the years we do things that aren’t driven by our passion. He made me think of all that we leave behind, in the race to become “respected citizens” of this world. He made me wonder about the value that we place on life’s precious moments – in a currency chosen by others, and in a manner guided by our social norms.

Do we have to leave and forget what we love…forever?

There’s this one life that we’ve got. It was given to as an empty basket so that we could fill it up with moments that either fell into it or that we chose consciously. We can’t do much about the moments that destiny drops into our basket, but if we relinquish our control over those moments that are ours to choose – we suffocate ourselves, into a slow death. We make ourselves an airtight chamber and we sit in it waiting for random moments to fall into our basket – waiting for the time when our empty gasps would end and the searing, burning pain in our chest would stop!

Pull yourself out of that dark, lonely chamber – stop waiting for the continuous patter of random moments – get a life that you love. Close your eyes for a second and think.

What did you love doing, what did you dream of becoming; before you were blinded by the blazing lights of practical needs?

Here are some choices. Pick yours.

  • You loved to draw people, animals, buildings, trees, cartoons, caricatures…
  • You danced for hours…you loved swinging to the music…
  • You played the piano, the keyboard, or the guitar…
  • You liked to write stories, poems, jokes…
  • You enjoyed creating puzzles, designing games…
  • You loved to make things out of wood, paper…

This list, of course isn’t exhaustive. Take a moment, and a slip of paper. Now write down your “lost” dream. If you are here, there’s a strong possibility that you too are chasing a lost dream.

  • You may be here because you aren’t working as an artist, but you loved to draw or sketch, once upon a time.
  • You might also be here looking for references or for pictures to alter, you are probably someone who’s straitjacketed into the role of an artist or a graphic designer, but it isn’t your true calling. You dreamed of being someone else, once upon a time.

I don’t recommend that you leave what puts bread on your table – but I strongly advise you to spend at least an hour a day following your true love. One day, it shall become yours – but until then, the sweet memories that you collect in that hour of the day, will fill your basket of life with happiness and satisfaction.

And yes, if your lost dream is drawing people (cartoons, caricatures, or otherwise,) “The Evolution of a Caricaturist”, a book on how to draw caricatures, may help.


5 comments on “The Zen of Finding your Lost Love Makes Tom Hanks Disappear!

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  2. Hi Viv,

    I am glad I woke up too:)

    Usually by the time we are done rubbing our eyes and shaking off our lethargy, it’s too late.

    Warm Regards,


  3. This is so lovely. You talk such good sense and such kindness to self. Our dreams are the things that truly drive us, in our lives and without them we are the walking dead.
    I am glad I woke up again six or so years ago and began to coax my dreams alive again.


  4. You are so right, Lua.

    In our complex societal systems, everything and everyone wants a slice of our time.

    The caricature of Tom Hanks is up next – I promise:)



  5. wow Shafali, amazing post! What you have written haunted me long after I was done reading it and I have to say- I couldn’t agree with you more.
    Everyday I meet more and more unhappy people, doing something they though they “had to do” in order to become that respected citizen but they have grown dark while trying to become that person… They have lost their enthusiasm and passion towards life and they are unhappy. It truly saddens me to see people get up, go to work, and then go back to sleep. Like you mentioned, an hour a day with your true passion can make your heart beat faster again! 🙂

    P.S: I am eagerly waiting for the Tom Hanks caricature! 🙂


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