Caricature/Cartoon – Tom Hanks – The Cast Away or Robert Langdon?

Was Robert Langdon Cast Away? Or did Tom Hanks become Robert Langdon after he was Cast Away?

Someone please help the pups!

Caricature/Cartoon of Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon - with the pups and their mom!

Same Guy?

In his recent movies, The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons, Tom Hanks plays the role of Professor Robert Langdon, who teaches Symbology whenever he finds time from his sabbaticals in Europe (the seat of all symbological trouble.) In Dan Brown‘s new Novel, The Lost Symbol, Langdon is closer home, burying his nose into masonic issues of symbolic proportions.

Among the Tom Hanks movies that I’ve watched two made a strong impression on me. One was The Green Mile, and the other Cast Away. The Green Mile made me wonder how he could convey such strength of feeling through a character molded in passivity. The Cast Away was a movie that I saw at the second inflection point in my life – it helped me by reinstating my faith in what humans can achieve.

Hanks won the 1993 Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in Philadelphia, and in 1994 for his role in Forest Gump.

Nineteen of his films raked in more than $100 million (per film), which obviously makes him the biggest Hollywood star of today.

Here are some other info-bytes about Tom Hanks.

  • He is a supporter of gay marriages.
  • He once wanted to be an astronaut (not a caricaturist, mind you.)
  • Tom Hanks loves old typewriters, baseball, and many other things that you could discover on his myspace page.

Also check out these two links.

If you’d like to figure out whether Tom Hanks is related to you, here is his family tree.
If you call yourself a Tom Hanks fan, take this quiz!

Update: April 16, 2010:

Is Robert Langdon Gay?

A search string that brought a visitor to my blog, prompted this update:-)

Well…I believe that Robert Langdon isn’t “just” gay. He might be a bisexual – but none of the books that he figures in, has anything to suggest that he is a gay.  In “Da Vinci Code” he ends up spending the night with the heroine of the book, and in “Angels & Demons” there were undercurrents suggesting that Langdon was attracted to Vittoria, the heroine! None of the books, including “The Lost Symbol” had anything indicating that Robert Langdon could be gay!

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16 comments on “Caricature/Cartoon – Tom Hanks – The Cast Away or Robert Langdon?

  1. Came out two years ago but still: Possible Spoiler Warning

    One surprising flashback in Inferno does actually mention a one night stand with a male Lecturer who moved this speech into a nearby bar after a snowstorm resulted in a small turnout.

    Nothing confirmed if realised if he was definitely gay or bi as a result but was consenting either way.


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  4. Eeeeewwww….we missed this one probably becuz we were in Flor-eeeda….Gram loves Tom Hanks…….he’s very a versatile actor and a well loved one too…..Gram says she remembers ’em when he was just startin’ out on “Bosom Buddies” a TV program where he spent a lot of time in womens clothing….silly but funny too….the other actor never went anywhere but Tom did…only saw Angels and Demons lately and wow…all the blood…..that’s where all the money is by the way…in Rome… wonder the Catholic Church is in trouble……

    Dewey Dewster here….


    • I too love his movies.
      Unfortunately his performance in Da Vinci code didn’t impress me much. I guess he didn’t have the scope to do a lot in that movie. Angels & Demons was much better – But I loved his performance in Philadelphia and Castaway.

      Thanks a ton for stopping over. I know that you are a busy pup – chasing all that vermin away must be a hard task!

      Belly rubs and tickles on your furry snout:)


  5. I’m going to Paris next week Shafali, for work. Not the Louvre this time, alas, but are there any landmarks you’d like me to take photographs of for you, if I can? Or a postcard?
    I agree about both films, but I did enjoy A+D a lot more both as film and book. It was a lot more real….


  6. We had a copy of the Green Mile for some years and only recently watched it. Who could imagine a movie about Death Row could be so uplifting and so funny too?
    I’ve not yet watched Forrest Gump; I am nervous about doing so as my husband really enjoyed it.
    I loved Apollo 13 too; I too wanted to be an astronaut and as a small girl at school I remember writing about that mission and didn’t find out for years what happened.
    I didn’t think Hanks made a convincing Langdon though. But he is such a great actor.


    • I agree with you completely. He didn’t fit into the persona of Robert Langdon. Despite being in his late forties, Robert Langdon is an energetic man who has quick responses. Tom Hanks looked older in the two Langdon movies. I didn’t like the movies as much as I liked the books. In fact, I watched The Da Vinci Code because I wanted to “visit” The Louvre:-) and I went for Angels & Demons because that was the simplest and the most inexpensive way to visit Europe:-) (But A&D was shot mostly in the dark…unfortunately.)

      Warm Regards,


  7. It looks great Shafali, sooo worth to wait 🙂
    I love his nose and I can’t count the times I’ve seen Forest Gump! One of the best movies I’ve ever watched…


    • Hi Lua,

      Happy to know that you liked his caricature. I’ve seen Forest Gump…once. I don’t know but to be honest, he ran so much that I just couldn’t take it beyond a certain point – especially since I had just put a stop to my jogging because of a back injury! I guess humans are a jealous lot!

      I share your love for Hanks though:)

      Warm Regards,


    • Hi Davis,

      Thanks for visiting:) You are right. His recent appearance (guess rolled into it was the publicity for Toy Story 3) on the Late Show with David Letterman has been in news. I should try to watch the recording.

      Warm Regards,


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