Caricature/Cartoon – Queen Elizabeth II, the reigning British Monarch and Her Crown!

Queen Elizabeth II is the queen regnant of the United Kingdom. (Queen Regnant is a queen with all the royal authority ascribed to the ruler instead of being queen just by virtue of being the wife of a king.) This caricature-cartoon of Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom is about those many crowns that she wears!

After the caricature is a short biography of the Queen (Find the long one here.)

The caricature, cartoon of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom reflecting upon her crown!


Queen Elizabeth’s shortest biography on the web:

She was born on April 21, 1926. Her father George VI was the last Emperor of India. When he died in 1952, Elizabeth ascended the throne. About 5 years before her coronation she married Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburg, with whom she had fallen in love when she was only thirteen. They had four children. The Queen went through a lot of public criticism over the Charles-Diana debacle and later her response to Diana’s death. After Queen Victoria and King George III, she’s the longest reigning monarch of the British Empire, who has been the queen for 58 years now.

(Source: The Official Website of the British Monarchy.)

The Queen’s Annus Horribilis:

The Queen called 1992 her annus horribilis, which included the Topless Sarah Ferguson’s toe being kissed by John Bryan scandal, the fire at the palace, and Prince Charles’ and Princess Diana’s divorce…among other things! Phew! What an year…even for a queen with all the support systems in place!

(Source: Annus Horribilis – 1992 )

The Queen’s Gutsy Admirer – Michael Fagan

Of course, you can read the details of the Queen’s biography all over the web. So, let me talk about Michael Fagan, a 32-year-old man who broke into the Buckingham Palace and got into the Queen’s bedroom. This young man sat in the Queen’s bedroom and had about 8 minutes of uninterrupted conversation with her. Fascinating…right? The underside of it all was that he was accused of stealing half-a-bottle of wine…and then had to spend about six months in a mental asylum! There are two ways of looking at this punishment.

  1. It was a small price to pay for a one-to-one conversation with the Queen.
  2. Something was mentally wrong with those who put him into the mental asylum instead of the prison. By this philosophy, the thieves who ransacked our office last year and partied on all that was available in the pantry, should be sent to the mental assylum, instead of being put behind bars!

(Source: The Michael Fagan Incident)

Here are some interesting links:

Queen Elizabeth II – Glossary:

Queen Regnant: The queen who is vested with all the royal authority (at par with the King.)
Queen Consort: The queen who’s a queen by virtue of being the wife of a king.
Annus Horibilis: A truly bad year where nothing works out and everybody is out to get you. (2009 for me, 1992 for the Queen!)

Drawing the Caricature of Queen Elizabeth II:

(A Window into my Thoughts, for those who want to learn how to draw the Queen’s caricature.)

  • When you draw a queen, caricature or otherwise, you draw a queen. So it was important that the caricature highlighted her queenly attributes/features. Thus, the crown became important.
  • Next, because the caricature was of Queen Elizabeth II, it had to have a likeness. As you’d note from her pictures, the Queen’s chin is slightly drawn in and she’s got a nice nose and a smile. These were important too.
  • So the crown, the chin, and the smile got exaggerated. The dress and the ribbons were drawn to build additional likeness.
  • The joke…well:-) Queen Elizabeth II is a strong woman who seems to have been born with a crown – and so she hardly notices it:-)

19 comments on “Caricature/Cartoon – Queen Elizabeth II, the reigning British Monarch and Her Crown!

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  10. Hi Viv,

    Welcome back:)

    I don’t know why but I prefer a Queen to a King. I was wondering what might’ve happened had the Queen’s uncle not abdicated – and instead of a Queen UK had a King! I still feel that the Queen handled the Diana episode quite well…I think that a King would probably have been more direct and much less compassionate than the Queen (and probably the expectations of the public would’ve been different too.)



  11. Shafali, you are right about not hearing about Diana had she not married Charles; she was just another pretty Sloane Ranger when Charles married her. It was like a fairy tale at the time; I’m five years or so her junior and it was all so pretty and totally unreal…
    I suspect the Queen may well outlive her son but they are a longlived line and her mother was 102; she has said she will not abdicate.
    She did however have a strong hand in removing Diana’s HRH status a while before her death; effectively declaring her no longer royal.
    There are a fair amount of conspiracy theories concerning her death, some of which may have truth in them. It certainly divided opinion. Camilla is not well liked and probably never will be, whatever she does or says from now on…


  12. Deweyeee!

    Welcome back. Both of us were missing you and Gram. Even my posts were missing you:(

    I don’t know about the Queen outliving Prince Charles…and I also don’t know about the Queen having waved the magic wand that changed Diana into a princess – but whatever said and done, I don’t think that we’d have even heard of Diana if she were not a princess:)

    But you’ve got a strong point (or two strong points,) in that post. I hope Viv turns up again – she’d be the one with the answers.

    Let me check out your other comment now:)



  13. Interestin’ facts about the Queen….didn’t know about the Fagan affair but then we don’t have any royalty in this country unless ya count the well-dressed ones in Hollywood….so Gram doesn’t really follow the lives of the rich ‘n famous over the big-pee…….although everyone had an opinion on Princess Diana…good or bad but she was a lovely flower taken from this earth way too soon….

    Don’t ya wonder if the Queen will out-live Prince Charles and so he may never get ta be the King after all… that a fittin’ punishment fer marryin’ Princess Diana instead of Camilla years ago…..don’t think Diana ever got over the indignity of bein’ made a Princess just ta have children ta carry on the royal lineage. No doubt the Queen had a hand in all that and it came back ta bit ‘er……

    Dewey Dewster here….


  14. I loved the humor in this one Shafali 🙂 I’m pretty sure even if that crown weighted 100 pounds, she wouldn’t have felt it, it’s as if she’s born with it!


    • I guess so – uneasy lies the head that wears the crown – yet, a lot of that unease depends on the person who wears the crown:)



  15. She is a very amazing lady; her children are not shaping up to match her, but they have time. The Princess Royal has always been a favourite for me largely because she told reporters to naff off (and worse) back in the 70s. I think she should be Queen and Prince Charles not be King; while I didn’t have much time for Diana, I do believe his conduct was atrocious. beyond her divorce and swearing at reporters, Anne seems to be to be a true daughter of her mother.
    We Brits are funny about our royalty!!
    Lovely picture; you are both talented and sensitive!


    • I think that’s a problem that hounds not just the kings and the queens, but every other parent! God isn’t engineering them the way he used to…I am sure that this has something to do with his long-term plans, but when I look around and compare the new generation with the older generation – there’s a wide gap…and the gap isn’t generational…it’s attitudinal!

      Warm Regards,


  16. Hi Viv,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting…and an even bigger thanks for pointing out the error – Annus Horibilis made me think that all the sad things must’ve happened to her at the same time:( You are right. She lost her mother in 2002. Action taken – Correction made – Reference removed!

    You are right about the Queen being a tough lady. When I went through her biography, I too was wowed by her courage and her strength of character…despite having lived in the lap of luxury.

    Warm Regards,


  17. Nice!
    I’ve never seen/met the Queen but a couple of my friends have. My husband has met Prince Charles twice, in the line of duty and I was close enough once to Prince Andrew to consider sticking a foot out and tripping him.
    By the way I think that the Queen Mother died in 2002, not 1992. This I know because she was the same age as my grandmother (who died at 85), but it was horrible enough year without that too!
    You’ve captured her spirit without mocking it; a real knack.
    I’m not especially keen on the monarchy but I have a real sense of fondness and respect for our Queen. She’s one tough lady!


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