How to Draw the Caricature of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow

How did I draw this Caricature of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of Caribbean fame?

Look at the caricature closely, and then scroll down to read how it was drawn.

Caricature of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow.

Where is the cheese...Captain Sparrow?

This was an easy caricature to do. Let us see why.

When you are trying to create a caricature of an actor in a persona that has several distinctive features and accessories, then if you focus on the accessories, you can create a likeness of the persona…and because the persona (in this case, Jack Sparrow) is recognized by every human, cat, and dog; you can rest your brush and sleep in peace!

Take the example of Jack Sparrow. Here’s a list of his distinctive features.

  • The head-cloth/rag/band tied at one side,
  • The long matted hair,
  • The beard plaited into two,
  • The beaded hair-rings (!)
  • The blackened teeth,
  • And of course, the kohled eyes!

If you just drew the first three and left everything else blank, I believe most of the humans at least would readily nod their heads and tell you that you’ve indeed sketched Jack Sparrow.

But then, that would be an average attempt, and you don’t seem to me a person who’d accept anything that’s not classy! So next, you’d need to create a likeness with the actor too. So look for the features that the makeup-man didn’t mess with – so what you have now is the nose and the mouth (notwithstanding the blackened teeth.)

Here’s what I did to create this caricature.

Studying Johnny Depp and Jack Sparrow Pictures:

I first studied some Jack Sparrow pictures and then some Johnny Depp pictures. The Jack Sparrow pictures helped me see the details of his accessories and told me a lot about his personality, and the JD pictures gave me a clear picture of his nose, his mouth, and the shape of his face.

Caricaturing the Eyes:

The eyes grew bigger than actual to accommodate the effect of the kohl and the expression of surprise (at the audacity of the mice, of course.) You can read about caricaturing the eye here.

Caricaturing the Shape of the Face:

I’d classify Johnny Depp’s face as pentagonal. So when I did his jaw-line, I pulled out the mirror points to exaggerate the pentagon. Read about caricaturing the shape of the human face here.

Caricaturing Jack Sparrow’s Costume, Accessories, and Overall Persona:

As I said earlier, the accessories become extremely important in characters such as these. Other examples of such characters are: Captain Hook (with the Peter Pan connection) and Agent Smith (of the Matrix Trilogy.)
The head ornament became a butterfly (it brings in a humorous contradiction with a pirate’s personality,) and a huge nut got added to the string of beads that hangs from his matted hair. The twin beard plaits became thicker and more prominent too.

The Joke in the Caricature:

Remember that a caricaturist need not stop at creating a visual caricature. Use words to your advantage. Also remember that a story makes a caricature more interesting and lively.
The concept that mothered the joke in this caricature was the slovenly (and unhygienic) look of Jack Sparrow. Such a man would be quite capable of hiding his cheese behind his ear and the mice would be his constant companions. Voila, two cute little mice jumped out of my pencil and began climbing his beard!

So, that was how the Johnny Depp – Jack Sparrow caricature came to be.

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If you want to learn the nuances of creating caricatures in a fun and easy to learn way, you would like to read, “How to Draw Caricatures – The Evolution of a Caricaturist.


8 comments on “How to Draw the Caricature of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow

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  4. Drawing has always been dreadful for me, I describe myself as “someone who can’t even draw a straight line” 🙂

    But witnessing your process of drawing this amazing caricature of Johnny Depp (aw- isn’t he dreamy!) made it look like it’s actually not that difficult and it sure is fun! I really enjoyed the post Shafali, thank you fro sharing this.


    • Hi Lua,

      Drawing is easy. It’s definitely easier than writing. To begin writing, you need some basic stuff – you need a reasonable vocabulary and some hold on grammar…but to begin drawing, you need a pencil and a paper:)

      Warm Regards,


  5. Dewey…I am beetroot red:) and smiling ear-to-ear (I should make a caricature…) Thanks. I am glad that you found the “How to Draw” post interesting and that you think that I can make it sound easy. I want to do just that – make drawing sound easy and fun…because it is. You need to begin drawing…that’s it. If it was important to get the lines right, we wouldn’t have a Picasso, a Van Gogh, or even a Hussein! They made drawing and painting fun – they painted what they wanted.

    Drawing is like driving…it is a skill that grows with practice – so you might want to ask Gram for a pencil and a paper, hold the pencil in your right paw (you are right-pawed, right?) and start:) Ask Gram to make you a caricature too…and then post it at your blog. (I’ve made one with you as a model…but you’ll have to wait to see it.)

    Scratches behind your ears,


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  7. Aw Mercury…Gram has been too busy ta let me use her laptop and so I have missed some of yer tales….but I tell ya…ya knowwhat yer talkin’ about fer sure…..why ya even make it sound easy….when of course fer the average person…and even the extraordinary dog, it most certainly isn’t……easy, I mean…..

    Gram tells me she took paintin’ lessons years ago when her kids were growin’ up and she needed some time away from ’em….the teacher said that anyone can draw or paint cause ya block in what yer copyin’ and then block in yer canvas the same and draw the pieces of the puzzle in the blocks ta correspond with the puzzle pieces on the work yer copyin’…….that takes the guesswork outta how ta paint somethin’….the main problem lies in the dilemma of how ta do that ta a subject that is live…..say a special sunset ya want ta capture or the calmin’ scene of a child asleep….can’t very well block ’em off before ya sketch ’em….can ya???? Probably why Gram never made a paintin’ of anything live…..

    Oh, ta have that special talent ya have, Mercury, fer drawin’…..explainin’ ta the lay folk about the process…’n knowin’ just the right words ta convey yer message……..that’s TALENT !!!!!! Yes Siree !!!!!

    Dewey Dewster here….


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