The Caricaturist Wonders…and Leonardo da Vinci’s Caricature!

I wonder…

  • What is it that prompts us to distort faces?
  • Why is it that we find exaggerations humorous?
  • Who was the first person to see humor in exaggerations?
  • Who was the first person to create caricatures?

I don’t have answers to these questions, but I do know that there’s something about a caricature that makes you think – “That’s another way of looking at him (or her)!”

The next caricature to appear on this blog is of someone who inspires awe in us across five centuries. He, it is said, was the first person who drew caricatures. He, it is said, was the most talented man the world has ever seen.

He was:

  • an ambidextrous person who could write in reverse.
  • a great artist who was an engineer.
  • a sculptor who wrote poetry.
  • an anatomist who drew caricatures.
  • an innovator who procrastinated endlessly.

You know whose caricature will appear on this blog tomorrow, don’t you:)


I wonder what he would say if he saw his caricature here?!


6 comments on “The Caricaturist Wonders…and Leonardo da Vinci’s Caricature!

  1. I have a terrible psychological condition that makes me react to being told I can’t do something by feeling driven to prove the speaker wrong by ANY MEANS POSSIBLE….It’s a curse really because it means I am like a dog with a bone and won’t give up even when the whole thing is hopeless.
    I also think that for every project we start and finish, there are always ones that never made it off the ground. It’s analogous to ovaries; we have tens of thousands of eggs but only one or two ever make it as a new human being.
    Anyway, I suspect Lennie didn’t SUFFER from ADHD…I think he enjoyed every damn minute of it!!


    • Absolutely:-) I concur. I know that I start more projects that I can finish. I know that there are many that are still there in my notebook, waiting to be remembered…
      But I don’t mind it at all:-) They’ll ensure that I’d never be out of work:-)


  2. I can’t wait for it- I’m sure it’s going to be amazing!

    I agree with Viv- I think most of those amazing people who accomplished so much are the way they are because either no one told them that what they are doing is impossible or they simply didn’t believe them.
    I wish I could be that deaf/ignorant from time to time 🙂


    • Right Lua.

      I guess some people are still not satisfied – the fact that he thought up more projects than he accomplished makes them say that he “suffered” from ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder! I’d have something to say to those psycho-junkies…if they’d stop by my blog to listen!

      I would like to add that he probably accomplished so much because there were no psychologists around!



  3. I can’t wait!!!
    I love this man to bits; I have a Tarot set that uses his drawings as well.
    It’s also suggested he may well have been gay….
    I think he could do all these things because either no one told him he couldn’t, or if they did, he wouldn’t believe them.
    he’s up there in my list of greats, alongside Einstein.
    D’oh, that’s one I ought to have suggested!!!


    • Two of us then:-)
      I don’t know if there are any Da Vinci caricatures yet…

      You want to suggest anyone else? This is the time…there could be a relapse of the old Hollywood mania anytime now 🙂



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