Story Writing Contest / Competition – Tell the Story in the Caricature – The Man and the Rat!

What is the story in this caricature?

Could it be that I had just watched Pulp Fiction (Samuel L. Jackson, John Travolta, Bruce Willis, and Uma Thurman), and some of it just transformed into this seething, sneering, and fuming man here? And what about the mouse (or the rat, if you please.)? Why is he holding a rifle and wearing a bullet-belt? Was he supposed to terminate somebody before he reported to the boss? Could it be that these two plan to watch Avatar together?

Caricature, Cartoon, or image of a man with beaded beard and piercings, scolding a mouse carrying a rifle or a gun.

What's the Story?

I don’t have a story to tell…but you could have one.

Do you read a story in this caricature? If you do let people read it.

So here are:

The Rules of the Story Writing Contest:

The story should:

  1. BE between 250 and 500 words – the right length for a blog post.
  2. INCLUDE the two characters that you see in the caricature.
  3. DISPLAY this caricature in your post.
  4. NOT include explicit/mature content.

Important: After you’ve done this, drop me a comment against this post with a link to your story.
(Otherwise how my other visitors and I would read your fabulous story?)

Contest Closes: April 30, 2010

The Reward for Competing & Winning:

I’ll link the blog, the story, and the profile of 5 story writers whose stories win my heart, through a dedicated blog post, and if they aren’t already on my blog roll (I am selective, I know:-() they shall be.
(And of course, even if you don’t win now, I promise to be back with more contests!)

(Note: To participate you don’t need to have commented before, but you do need to be a blog-owner. Don’t write the stories in the comments section – Just leave the link to your story so that other visitors can reach your blog and read the story there.)

Let us S P R E A D T H E S M I L E 🙂


20 comments on “Story Writing Contest / Competition – Tell the Story in the Caricature – The Man and the Rat!

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  4. Just as an addendum to my story, I ought to add that today, 26 of June is the day in 1284 when the actual events of the Pied Piper story are alleged to have occurred.
    It’s all about keeping promises, people…


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    • Loved it:)

      Thanks for adding another interesting dimension to the picture. The mouse can move mountains – especially if it can inspire writers like you.

      Warm Regards,


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  8. Oh misery, we always thought our mom was so clever — but here she is at a total loss to come up with a narrative to cover your amazing caricature. Will you be our mom?

    We do agree with Dewey Dewster — when it comes to canines, the nose is where it’s at. Our big black noses always make our current mom smile.

    We do love your writing and drawings and creative approach to blogging. So we’ll look forward to the adoption papers…

    Jake and Just Harry


    • Hi Jake and Just Harry,

      Welcome:-) It’s so wonderful to see both of you here. I think your mom’s wonderful. I guess she must be trying to write the perfect story. How about inspiring her to write one? Who says you can’t figure in her story – you could be the link between the man and the mouse:-)

      Do visit again.

      Belly-rubs and ear-tickles!



    • That was a Dewey Story, Mr. Dewster!
      I love the way you put everything in K9-speak:) Guess I can understand why Mr. PP is mad!
      About the noses – I’ve got to learn something from the canines, I guess:) Nobody “nose” noses better – right?
      Thanks a ton for posting the story…and yes, we are happy to know that you are back! Happy blogging once again.

      Bellyrubs and treats!


  9. Hi Shiona,

    Thanks for visiting and commenting:)
    Viv’s story is indeed fascinating.

    I guess you may want to give it a shot anyway. One never knows what lies in our blind-self quadrant.

    Warm Regards,


  10. Hi Shafali,

    Though I’m not a writer and could not make up a story after your caricature, I find the idea fascinating and I will follow the contest with the greatest pleasure.

    I’m happy Viv was the first one to participate and I’m sure she’ll be among the top five to win the contest.

    Very best wishes and good luck to you!



    • (Cross-posted at Viv’s blog.)

      Beautiful! So the Pied Piper & Balthazar it is:) I laughed and laughed – it must be a new experience for the Piper to have been taken by a rat:)

      And Balthazar’s attitude reflects so clearly in the expression of the rat…or the vice-versa!

      Viv, you are a wonderful writer. I expected it to be a huge challenge – even for the pros. That’s why I wasn’t surprised when most of my writer audience decided to give the post a miss:)

      But I do look forward to some more stories from those courageous writers out there.

      Thanks Viv. It was an excellent read:)

      Warm Regards,


      • glad you enjoyed it. Hope all is well with you today. I can’t sleep and am up surfing and writing. I toss and turn when I get a bout of insomnia and it’s better to get up and do something else.


      • Hi Viv,

        I enjoyed the story and I loved the way you had put it together – allowing the mystery to build up…until we reach the fairy tale end:)



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