Caricature/Cartoon – Hercule Poirot the Belgian Detective of Agatha Christie’s Novels Sells Apartments in Rodentia.

Welcome to Rodentia, where the wall in Hercule Poirot’s room offers the Poirot View Luxury Apartments, to the Rich Mice!

A caricature, cartoon, drawing of the Little Belgian Detective, Hercule Poirot, by Agatha Christie.

He still sells…

Hercule Poirot is the famous Belgian Detective, with an egg-shaped head complete with billions of overactive gray cells; who prefers to solve crimes not by running around with a hand lens (Note that the snide remark is directed towards a Mr. Sherlock Holmes, also in the same profession – professional jealousy doesn’t just plague real people like you and me!)

Biography of Hercule Poirot, the Little Belgian Detective

Here’s a short biography of Mr. Poirot.

Hercule Poirot was born with an egg-shaped head and a handle-bar moustache, in 1920, in the detective novel called “The Mysterious Affair at Styles.” He was also born with Captain Hastings in tow (much like Dr. Watson, who was Holmes’ dear derided friend.)

Despite his popularity with the readers, Poirot was not at good terms with his mother, Agatha Christie. In fact, 10 years after Poirot was born, he was called “insufferable” by her, and by the time he turned forty, she had turned completely against him. She called him, a “detestable, bombastic, tiresome, ego-centric little creep“!

Poirot was short (3 inches shorter than Napoleon Bonaparte who was “actually” 5 feet 7 inches.) His head could be confused for an ostrich’s egg, and his moustaches for a handlebar! He had a manic urge to straighten everything around him, he was punctual and fastidious, and he always carried a turnip pocket watch with him.

He had a secretary Ms. Lemon who was hopelessly left-brained and so could be relied upon completely by Poirot.

Poirot died in 1975 and his obituary was published in the New York Times (Aug 6). His was the first obituary of a fictional character to be published in the New York Times.

Poirot’s Literary Journey:

Hercule Poirot appeared in 33 novels and 51 short stories (1920 – 1975.)
Some of these are:

  • The Mysterious Affair at Styles
  • The Adventure of the Cheap Flat
  • The Kidnapped Prime Minister
  • The Mystery of the Blue Train
  • Death on the Nile
  • The Labors of Hercules (A Collection of 12 stories)
  • Elephants can Remember

(Find the complete List of the Hercule Poirot Novels here. )

Hercule Poirot in Movies and Television:

Agatha Christie: Poirot (A TV Series)

Blog posts about Hercule Poirot:


4 comments on “Caricature/Cartoon – Hercule Poirot the Belgian Detective of Agatha Christie’s Novels Sells Apartments in Rodentia.

  1. I think I have read every Poirot novel going. Not to mention my dear Holmes. The funny thing is the Poirot’s ridiculing of the unnamed Holmes is not totally true: Holmes spent long hours sitting motionless in his chair, smoking pipe after pipe of strong tobacco(hence the phrase a 3 pipe problem) but would leap into vigorous action when needed. I love them both but Holmes is definitely sexier…. I was deeply disappointed aged 10 to discover he was fictional.
    I love your rendtion of the world’s most famous Belgian(second, also a detective is Tin-Tin) because you have combined all the descriptions without trying to draw the actors who have played him. David Suchet is very probably the best; didn’t like Ustinov in the role.
    I suspect Poirot would not have tolerated mice in his chic appartment, though…..not for long anyway.
    I hang onto my Agatha Christie novels move after move, even though I think I know some by heart, just because they are so much a part of my life.
    Thanks, it gave me a smile as always!


    • Sherlock Holmes:) He’s my favorite too – and yes he’s definitely more charismatic than our rotund little Belgian detective here.

      I am not too keen on Tin Tin. I don’t find the artwork very interesting. I guess it’s because I dislike the artwork that I never felt like reading one:(

      I am glad you stopped by and commented; and also that you liked my rendition of Mr. Poirot. I drew the caricature from imagination – and as I haven’t seen any of the Poirot movies, it looks different from the actors:)

      Warm Regards,


  2. Great caricature Shafali!! Can you believe I’ve actually never hear of him? And what better way to get to know him if not through a caricature 🙂


    • Thanks Lua:)
      If you aren’t an Agatha Christie fan it’s natural that you wouldn’t have heard of Mr. Poirot – but if you are, then it isn’t easy to stop yourself from falling for this pompous little Belgian detective:)
      Warm Regards,


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