Cool Caricaturist – Don Pinsent

Don Pinsent’s self-caricature inspired me to explore his work in detail…and when I did, his sketches had me stumped! The boldness of his lines and his ability to maintain the characteristic expression of his subjects despite applying extreme exaggerations, is awesome.

To the learners and the admirers of the quirky art of caricature, I recommend:

Do view his following finished works:

…and the following visualization sketches:


4 comments on “Cool Caricaturist – Don Pinsent

  1. Oh God, I love his Lost characters- especially Benjamin! (I think I want to cry- I’m going to miss the show so much!) They are all wonderful, thank you for sharing the link Shafali! 🙂


  2. Ewwww Madonna seeems ta be a bit demonic…and Einstein is missin’ his mouth……OK well, the color seems ta add a bit more interest and dimension but I like yers better…..ya should try to sell yers too….. I tell ya I could pay in bones fer the carciatures…..weil…. ya know, they’re pretty valuable……bones that is….ta us anyway……

    Dewey Dewster here….


    • Ah…Dewey! Caricatures are s’posed to have a little something else – and art’s like food…sometimes there are subtle differences in our likes and dislikes:)
      I couldn’t agree more with you – bones are very very valuable. I assure you I won’t mind being paid in bones – someone at home finds those bones equally valuable:)

      Belly rubs,


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