The Caricaturist Brings Drawing Tutorials to Twitter!


Before you begin, read the following WARNING!

This post is about Drawing Tutorials on Twitter, but we come to that part only at the end of this post. If you are a no-nonsense sort of person then you should scroll down immediately. Do it now, or you’ll be hooked to my personal tale of twitter agony!

You didn’t!
So, read on.

It all began with a question that I asked myself!

I asked:
Why am I on Twitter?

If you know the answer, please tell me, because I don’t. The follow-just-for-the-heck-of-it suits neither my smart visitors nor me.

I’ll be truthful. I am not a celebrity and so people aren’t really dying to catch a glimpse of me kissing Madonna (Yuck! I am not linking that one. You’ve seen enough of those – right?) nor are they tripping over each other’s shoes to see what I wore to the party last night. Actually, I am a 70- ft- down-(in)to-earth person who spends about two hours trying to find the right lead for her mechanical pencils and comes home lugging about two dozen lead boxes in all sizes and darkness-levels!

So…obviously my tweets would have nothing to offer to you.
You want to tell me that I am being too critical…?
You want tweets that are entertaining and fun…and which add that little extra to your life. The little extra…you know, like mayonnaise on toast or mustard on pizza?

Let’s face it…

  • What use to you is a fortnightly tweet that tells you that I forgot to switch off the stove and that another pan gave its life for the cause of art? (I could templatize the tweet and use it again and again and again…until I turn old and gray…or until twitter loses its glitter!)
  • What use to you is a daily tweet that tells you that I’m going for a shower? Unless of course, I lose my mind completely and webcast the shower itself, including my slipping on a cake of soap and skidding through the length of the bathroom…rest censored – no gory accidents will ever be narrated on this blog.)
  • Or for that matter, what use is a diurnal tweet which tells you that I just brushed my teeth and had a hard time pulling out the piece of mint that got stuck in the recess between my upper front teeth?

Had I been a celebrity (say, I were Lady Gaga or Angelina Jolie, or even Hitler,) you might be interested in reading what I tweeted (the past tense for tweet isn’t twat – for obvious reasons. If the reasons aren’t obvious to you, follow this link.)

If I were a close friend or even a prospective sweetheart, you would’ve wanted to read all about me scratching my head, sneezing three times in a row, or even yawning until tears filled my eyes while I typed in the tweet. But as I am none of these…there’s no reason on earth that should prompt you to read my 140-character (pshaw!) tweets!

Now what?

  1. Let us use Twitter for something more sensible!
  2. Let us use TWITTER to LEARN DRAWING!


Drawing Tutorials by TheCaricaturist on Twitter:

This is how we go about it.
I shall make a series of tweets against a topic. These tweets will list the steps that will help you create a particular drawing. Each month, I could publish 1-2 tutorials, and you could go through them on the move. We’ll call these tweets, tuto-tweets!

Find @TheCaricaturist on Twitter. We begin tomorrow!

An Important Post-script:

If you are wondering whether I really can give you tips on how to draw well, the following links may help your decision-making.


4 comments on “The Caricaturist Brings Drawing Tutorials to Twitter!

  1. Shafali, you made me laugh with your “what use to you?” questions 🙂 And you’re right, twitter can be a very useful tool if we use it for a specific reason. I use it so that my blog can reach to more people…
    I loved your idea about the tuto-tweets! I simply can’t draw (argh!) but I’m sure people who wish to but don’t know where to begin will find it very useful! 🙂


    • Hi Lua:)

      Glad you laughed. I know I chose the wrong career – I should’ve been a comedian:) (I don’t know if they get paid for their work, either!)

      About Tuto-tweets – I just finished tweeting the first tutorial…crazy idea, but I am more of doer and less of a thinker, I guess.

      Warm Regards,


  2. Aw Shafali…..yer right…..there are a whole ton of people out there who think that silly things are really important instead of what’s really important in the world. What can be so important that people need ta be talkin’ on cell phones when they’re takin’ a walk fer exercise or waitin’ at the deli counter fer an order of lunch meat? Worst of all is “textin” while ya drive……now that’s more like suicide by phone…….I tell ya the world has gone completely mad tryin’ ta always be “in touch”.

    Gram often wonders….that is when ‘er mind is workin’ at all….how she grew up without cell phones, IPODs, IPHONEs, computers with Twitter, Facebook and the like… should make yer life easier not control it….

    If I could draw….I would follow ya on Twitter….fer yer lessons, of course……but I’m havin ‘ trouble learnin’ how ta hold a pencil in my paw….I just can’t seem ta hold it the right way so I can get a good curve in my drawings without it fallin’ out of my grasp……oh well…..back ta the drawin’ board……

    Dewey Dewster here…..


    • Guess I am one of them, Dewey:(

      Look at me…making funny pictures of famous people who did something to make this world a better place to live in! (I won’t be able to say this anymore – because Hitler shall be here soon. I hope my many visitors who choose not to comment will write hate-comments on that post – because if we are alive, and if we still have a conscience, we need to hate such creeps with all our might!)

      But you are right – to be in touch, to stay connected seems to have become a driving need – quite like food and water…

      We are on our way to robotizing ourselves…perhaps!

      Bellyrubs and warm chicken soup, to you, your mom, and dear Toby who never gets to post on your blog.

      – Shafali


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