Do you see God in this Picture? Calling Believers, Atheists, and Agnostics – Now!

Today I replace a caricature post about the Devil (Hitler) with a post about God.

You know why?


I am speechless.
I am an agnostic who never bothered – but this photograph shot a couple of days ago in France, bothers me!
And I am wondering whether it’s God’s Image that I see in this photograph!

  • Should I believe, is what I ask?
  • Do you believe, you should ask!

If you believe you know who is there in this picture.
If you don’t tell me why you still don’t?

Resting the words…Here’s the picture, that Vivienne Tuffnell, the author of Strangers and Pilgrims shot at Mont Saint Michel.

Is that a sign from God - an image of God projected from the heavens - is that a miracle at Mont Saint Michel (France) shot by Vivienne Tuffnell.

Is that God's Image?

Vivienne has experienced benevolent presences before. Her interpretations have kept me swinging between being a believer and remaining where I am…until now!

Read her post “Miracle at Mont Saint Michel” here.

Is this a sign from God – to her, to all of us, to the world that’s headed towards doom?

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8 comments on “Do you see God in this Picture? Calling Believers, Atheists, and Agnostics – Now!

  1. Shafali,

    I see a knight in shining armor ready to defend all of us. He might be left handed, but is definitely a protective force.

    Can’t make out the symbol on his chest. Might be a caricature of Einstien. Or a mushroom cloud.

    On a second look, I’d swear it was Betty White, the actress.

    michael j


    • Hi Michael,

      Thanks for stopping by with your interpretation:)

      A knight in a shining armor (or even in one with a matte finish) is the need of this hour. Incidentally, I watched the Dark Knight (a batman movie) last night:) Dark or Light, Black or White, as long as the presence is benign I’d rather it stays.

      About Betty White or Einstein adorning the dress, I’d say it could be either. Science provides practical solutions to our problems (that we created) and entertainment keeps us from degenerating into a violent, senseless mob – and if a divine knight were to descend from the heavens to help us out, we should expect him or her to wear what’s fashionable in our time – T-shirts with logos, mottos, and pictures/caricatures of celebrities! Remember Christ wore robes that were fashionable 2000 years ago and not tiger-skin!

      This also means that my caricatures might find some buyers yet:)

      Thanks again for adding another interesting perspective:)

      Warm Regards, Shafali


  2. I myself grew up in a former socialist country and was consciously brought up in atheism. Those times have gone but I still cannot openly and honestly embrace any religion at all. I guess I have a religion of my own, however.

    I don’t know if this is the figure of God, or some sort of manifestation of the will of God. Or perhaps it all comes down to what one’s concept of God is after all. I do believe, though, that things happen and exist beyond our human understanding. Therefore, I never deny what is beyond my mind.


    • Hi Shiona,

      Thanks for commenting.

      You are right (and I see similarities between your beliefs and mine.) I think that more than anywhere else, we live in our minds – and so, we all inhabit different worlds.

      We should believe what we must and what we accept – no more and no less.



  3. Hi Dan,

    Welcome here:)

    Glad that this post achieved what my caricatures couldn’t. Light, colors, shape of the window…and that one moment when it all came together and made the shapes that we see in this picture.

    When you see sense in chaos, doesn’t it make you wonder why?

    Some answers evade us…even now…perhaps forever, and perhaps for the best!

    Thanks again for your visit. I hope to see you again:)

    Warm Regards,


  4. If he made an effort to appear, then why not make the effort to speak or move or wave hello? Even a wink would be cool. A little drifting and floating would be very impressive. A person or god really has to sell themself today, with all the technology. I also notice how the shape and colors of the speaker match the image, with light reflecting from behind. Sure, the face and head are different, but they also follow the shape at the top of the window. It’s always an unmoving figure or shape, which kind of proves my theory of reflection and light. Notice how Buddha never pulls this crap? And he arrived hundreds of years earlier. Shees. 🙂


  5. Hi Mr. Mills,

    That this post should bring you over to my blog and elicit such an informative comment should tell us something about the power of this picture:)

    But I know what you mean. I’m an unbending agnostic (read cynic.) More later…much later.

    I’ll check out the link. Guess I should try to interest Mr. Bruce Hood into this picture:)



  6. Very Interesting Shafali,

    I clearly see something but I imagine God must have better things to do than wait around for opportunities to appear briefly in a sunbeam. It strikes me that there must be a logical explanation – dust, shadows, reflected light etc.,

    I do, however, always get a kick out of those people who find the face of Jesus in their porridge.

    A fine young man and author by the name of Bruce Hood has a blog on wordpress and writes extensively about these kind of “sightings.” When you have some time, you should pop over for a read. He’s an interesting man.


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