Caricature/Cartoon – Adolf Hitler, the Nazi Dictator, the Devil & the Devil!

Who is more evil – Adolf Hitler or the Devil?

Adolf Hitler, the Nazi Dictator, the Designer of the Holocaust and the Devil - News from Hell.

The Devil Abdicates…

Adolf Hitler’s Biography

Adolf Hitler, the Nazi Dictator and the chief perpetrator of the Holocaust, was born on April 20th, 1889 (a black day that year) in Austria. Hitler didn’t do well in school and while his father dreamed of his becoming a government employee, he wanted to be an artist. He tried getting into the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, but the selectors out there weren’t much impressed by his drawings. They did suggest that he could try becoming an architect (his architectural drawings were indeed better than the other stuff he did.) Unfortunately, his qualifications fell short of what was required for studying architecture.

To cut a long story short, Hitler worked on some menial jobs for a while and then he joined the German Army. It was in 1919, when a 32-year-old Hitler discovered that he has the gift of gab. Hitler’ audience often comprised rowdy thugs, but they gave him the confidence to launch the National Socialist German Workers or NAZI Party in 1920. In 1932, the NAZI party was democratically elected as the largest party, and in 1933, Hitler gained complete control of the party.

Then began the worst nightmare the world had ever seen. By 1945, the Nazis had systematically murdered 17 Million Civilians including 6 Million Jews. Other communities that were targeted by the hatred-driven Nazis were Poles, Russians, Romanis, and even people who were disabled. The atrocities that were committed by Hitler’s satanic army remain unparalleled in history. If there truly were a devil, he would bow to Hitler and abdicate in his favor!

Adolf Hitler’s Hatred for the Jews:

It’s often argued that Hitler had Jewish blood in his veins. His grandmother worked in a rich Jewish household and conceived Alois, Hitler’s father, through the one of the male members of this family. Five years after giving birth to Alois, she married Johann Georg Hiedler (or Hitler) who gave Alois his name. There’s a possibility that Hitler’s hatred for Jews was a lot personal than he ever accepted it to be.

Adolf Hitler’s Love Life:

Hitler fell in love with an Army Officer’s daughter when he was young, but her never had the nerve to speak to her. He did follow her around for a long time. In 1929, he met Eva Braun, a 17-year old starry-eyed teenager. Hitler didn’t marry Eva until two days before they committed suicide together in 1945.

Adolf Hitler’s Art:

Going by what sells in the name of art today, Hitler was a better artist than most. Unfortunately for the world, he was a better orator. In addition to being a great orator, Hitler was a man with no conscience nor empathy for his fellow beings – yet he was passionate about whatever he did – even when he killed – he killed with passion. You can see Hitler’s artwork here. (Do you notice the irony? Had this man become an artist and had been able to sell his drawings, he probably wouldn’t have become a butcher; yet, because he became the dirtiest butcher in the world, his drawings now sell!)

Adolf Hitler’s Dogs:

Hitler loved dogs – especially German Shepherds. Eva Braun once commented upon Hitler being more in love with his dogs than with her.

Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf:

Mein Kampf or My Struggle is Hitler’s autobiography. When you read this book, you experience the madness setting in. The first volume makes some sense while the second, none.
Mein Kampf is available here.

The Holocaust:

The mass extermination of Jews and other non-Germans by the State of Germany is called the Holocaust (it is also called the Final Solution). The extermination was carried out in phases. Men, women, and children were put into gas-chambers under the pretext of a shower, and were gassed. Children were often used as guinea-pigs for devilish experiments. People who were identified were dispatched to the Nazi concentration camps that had the motto “Work will set you free” on their gates. Auschwitz is said to be the worst of all the concentration camps.

When Hitler arrived in Hell, he must’ve put the Devil in a gas-chamber (or at least on a leash) and ruled Hell…after all, who could be more evil than Adolf Hitler?

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13 comments on “Caricature/Cartoon – Adolf Hitler, the Nazi Dictator, the Devil & the Devil!

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  6. I guess we are all a mass of contradictions. Yin and yang; there is a bit of good in evil and a bit of evil in good, at either end of the spectrum and the rest of us? Streaky.
    Some of the world’s greatest saints and so on had feet of clay(home life etc) so why should not an evil man have a few redeeming features. he didn’t start out evil. No one is born truly evil or truly good; it’s the choices we make that make us so.
    I will be honest, caricature or not, I found this hard to look at….


    • Caricaturists have the ability to shock…if and when they want to:)

      You are right Viv – we are made of opposing forces. As long as the good doesn’t allow the evil to run things, we stay human…

      Speaking of the saints…
      one takes a child for a bride,
      another leaves his wife because someone criticizes him for accepting her despite her having lived in another man’s garden…
      and then we’ve got the recent catholic priests scandal…

      Why should there be no streaks at the other end of the spectrum?



  7. I can’t believe someone as evil as him was a dog person! Never knew that… And I had no idea about his art either, very interesting information Shafali! And great job with the caricature as always 🙂


    • Can you believe that he was an artist?

      I guess he was full of contradictions. But yes, he had dogs – whether he truly loved them is a question that I haven’t yet found an answer to. I saw a movie in which Hitler was shown testing the cynaide capsule on his dog Blondi (two days prior to his own suicide.) This could be an act of psycho-love (he didn’t want to leave Blondi alone in this bad-bad world) or an experiment (to find whether the poison worked as quickly and “painlessly” as it was supposed to.)

      An evil enigma – that’s what he was.

      Thanks for your comment on the caricature. I am glad you liked it. As an artist you often develop an affection for some of the characters you draw – I can say this about the Devil in this caricature.



  8. Very interestin’ information….Mercury…..Gram was impressed with his paintings…they weren’t brilliant but they showed some surprising talent and the majority of them were calm peaceful scenes that ya surely would not attribute ta such a mad man. Gram always did like paintings that were true depictions of something and not those paintings consistin’ of swirls and bold splats and nothin’ else. She didn’t even think much of Andy Warhol’s work that looked more like labels than a paintin’. Aw ta be able ta create somethin’ that lasts through centuries….it must be nice……

    Yep, Hitler was the devil incarnate and the world is smart ta look at him as the kind of person that we don ‘t ever want walkin’ this earth again…..ya captured his evilness well…..fer sure……

    Dewey Dewster here….


    • Yes Dewey,

      You’ve sniffed out Hitler’s only “goodness” hidden beneath layers of rot. He was a much better artist than those sickos who sell their blobs and splotches for unbelievable sums! Unfortunately, the name of the art-game is “Surprise n Shock”…skill’s got no part in it! I guess Hitler took it all out on the world, because he was indeed a psychopath. Most unrecognized artists would prefer a quiet, unrecognized, slow death…the one they deserve. Hitler, on the other hand, killed. If he isn’t the devil, then I don’t know who is.

      Pats and kisses,


    • Hi Khyra and Khyra’s Mom,

      It’s so good to see both of you here once again. I know you must be angry with me for not helping your friend write her blog…I am trying to organize my time – but sometimes I think that I am in a Charlie Chaplin movie…when I save one project from falling off the shelf, two others slip over the edge…

      But yes, you are right about Hitler. He sure must’ve found his old cronies in hell!

      Pats n Bellyrubs to Khyra and Thanks to her Mom.


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