Chapter 9 – How to Draw Caricatures – Caricaturing the Forehead, the Hairline, and the Hair – Published.

Some of my readers are closely following the evolution of my Free Online book “How to Draw Caricatures – The Evolution of a Caricaturist”. They would be happy to know that the next chapter of this book, “Chapter 9 – Caricaturing the Forehead, the Hairline, and the Hair” went online today.

This chapter discusses the different types of foreheads, hairline, and hair (or the absence of it.) It also enables you to identify the elements that should be exaggerated in this higher (hairier?) arena of the human anatomy.


If this book is new to you, the following links could help you explore it.

Dear Readers: Please note that the KNOL Platform stopped functioning in 2012, so the following links won’t work. An enriched and expanded “Evolution of a Caricaturist – How to Draw Caricatures” is now available as a Kindle eBook from Amazon. ‘


Sidebar Image - Cover - Evolution of a Caricaturist - A Book on How to Draw Caricatures - by Shafali Anand


It has about 150 pages, more than 70 illustrations, and discusses about 3 dozen celebrity faces. The Content Outline of Evolution of a Caricaturist can be downloaded as a FREE pdf here.

The Evolution of a Caricaturist

This book has been witnessing a growth in its readership. With more than 10,000 views for a topic of such selective interest, I couldn’t have asked for more:) Thanks!

I hope to soon post Ben Kingsley’s Caricature in his avatar of Gandhi:) And the “soon” could be as early as tomorrow morning. I’ve also created a very interesting caricature that you might want to write a story about…

– Shafali


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