I am back…with Russell Crowe and Beyonce Knowles. Jealous?

It’s so good to be back:)

2010 feels like home. I can’t tell you how good it is to see automobiles, skyscrapers, and of course, computers once again. I’ll be honest with you. For a while, in the past, I was really happy. It was great to see a world without pollution and its cause (population, of course. What did you think?) But then, I began to miss it all. I began to miss the mad rush of life. I wanted to be back in the thick of things. And believe it or not – I wanted to be back to the peaceful world of 2010. Yes…2010 is a lot more peaceful for the average Joe and Jane, than all those years of the past!


It’s good to be back, and to be sketching people who make our lives colorful and worth living – people from the world of Entertainment!

Coming soon are the caricatures of:

  • Russell Crowe in the role of … … …? What’s your guess?
  • And Beyonce Knowles!

See you soon:)

(PS: Dr. Who didn’t come to my rescue. His Excuse: He had lost his fig-leaf! On my next trip into the past, I’ll be carrying a chest full of fig-leaves.)