Caricature/Portrait – A Dirty Old Man, An Octogenarian Lecher, and An Odorous Sleazebag!

You know what I’d like to have done to him?

I’d like to have him paraded naked on the most crowded road in the city.

A Caricature bordering on a portrait, of a dirty old man, who ogled at women and followed them around.

Mmm...slurp...Don't they look Delicious!

What is he?

  1. An Octogenarian Casanova?
  2. A dirty old man?
  3. A Don Juan?
  4. A Romeo in his debilitating eighties?
  5. A Pious man sampling debauchery before packing up!
  6. A Gigolo unsuccessfully trying to hide his true vocation because he’s now old?
  7. A lech, caught in the act of leching?
  8. A philanderer who can’t afford to philander and has switched to ogling?
  9. A knocking-at-the-doors-of-hell playboy?
  10. A rake raking up some last moment memories?
  11. A reprobate with neither the inclination nor the time to change?
  12. A swinger who has lost his swing but not his will?
  13. A degenerate trying to vicariously regenerate?
  14. A sex maniac with his equipment out of order?
  15. A pervert hiding behind an avuncular mask?
  16. or…
  17. A leaky odorous sleazebag?

There goes…
the venom is finally out of my system.

The guy you see in this picture is real and very much alive.
About 10 years ago, when I’d commute to office by a chartered bus, this man (he must have been about 60 but looked like he were 70,) would sit in the driver’s cabin, so that he could ogle at the women sitting in the front seats of the bus! He was a genius at ogling. He had that smile (that you see on his face in his caricature,) a newspaper that I bet he didn’t read, and he’d try to catch your eye. In my country, when you age you become an uncle or a grandfather to everyone younger to you, and you are then beyond reproach…and so there was no way to get rid of this character. Almost all the women would try to avoid looking at him.

Unfortunately for me, he would alight the bus at my stop, and then he’d follow me at a distance of about six steps. It made me very uncomfortable, but accusing this avuncular looking fellow would mean being branded as a woman who deliberately invited men to ogle at her (for the old are pious and pure…) and so I thought of an idea. I’d stop at different places randomly – at a flower-vendor, or an earthenware seller, or at times, just to re-tie my shoelaces…and then because he couldn’t stop six steps behind me (it would be dead give-away) he would walk on, and now I would be behind him. Because he knew how I hated him for his lecherous inclinations (I’d give him the dirtiest looks I could muster,) he began feeling uncomfortable, and then he gave up on me.

I’ve been faithful to my memories and this is a caricature with a very good likeness!

Ladies (and Gentlemen of the genteel kind,) do you recognize him?
Have you ever met an ogler who should have given it up long ago?
Share your experience!

(I know that every woman on this planet would have at least one such experience to share.)

May we live to see a world devoid of oglers and lechers!
(If we did, we’d live forever!)


10 comments on “Caricature/Portrait – A Dirty Old Man, An Octogenarian Lecher, and An Odorous Sleazebag!

  1. A grotesque portrait of the man but serves him right. It’s so repulsive Shafali that even thinking about it feels me with utter horror and disgust. Such people are the worst kind of creatures. Stay far far away from such creatures.


    • Thanks Ajay.
      That joker hounded me for months. When he leaves this earth (which hopefully he must have by now) many women will close their eyes and pray that he finds his eternal home in hell.


  2. Aw yes Shafali,

    I do remember seein’ the picture of this sexual predator (that’s what we call’em in America) back in July. Now I can tell ya that if he were stalkin’ ya taday…I would be there ta chew a hole in his pants and take a bite outta his leg too. The nerve…..I tell ya people like this should not be called Uncle but made ta cry “Uncle” when ya have ’em in a choke hold and his eyes are about ta pop outta his pointed head. Did he really have a nose like that? Ya have a way with noses…..they look more like divin’ boards, ya know and this one looks like it’s takin’ over his entire face……

    Let’s get ’em….is Oorvi up ta the task….I can fly right over ‘n help?

    Dewey Dewster here….


    • Deweyeee…save me please!
      This guy did stalk me (but not today) and I managed to get rid of him too…
      However I was reminded of him when I saw another “Uncle” today. The good news is that I am more short-sighted now than I was then and so those expressions were slightly hazy:) Look at the Benefits of shortsightedness – I wonder why people try to get rid of it.

      Don’t ask. She’s stolen my story from me:(

      Treats to you if you can get Gram to help you with a story… … …


    • Thank you Mr. Mills.
      I appreciate your ability to be objective. Of course, everyone understands that such rotten creeps aren’t all that common:) I don’t expect this joker to be on the Internet, but if he is, I hope he sees his portrait and recognizes it.
      Warm Regards,


  3. What a creative way to get this weirdo out of your system and channel your anger! 🙂 His caricature did make me feel like he was ogling at me- yuyks!
    “A knocking-at-the-doors-of-hell playboy?”
    Haha Shafali- I LOVE your sense of humor!


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