Your Favorite Caricature Blog has got an Award:)

My new artist-writer friend Barb gave an award to your favorite Caricature blog. Here it is.

The Lovely Blog Award.

Thanks Barb:)

Thank you Barb, for thinking of me and my caricatures. The caricatures have been hopping up and down with joy and they’ve asked me to tell you that they’d love to pay you a visit.

Now to the to-do list. The award comes with certain conditions, which I will try my best to fulfill.

The first condition is simple. It requires me to share 7 info-bytes about myself. The caricatures are obviously not thrilled (they think that I am not a celebrity yet and so nobody’s going to be interested,) but I am not listening.

So here I go.
Seven things about me…

  1. When I was a child, I believed that the earth was flat, and the Sun journeyed from the East to the West in “his” chariot.
  2. Until I was about 10, I wanted to be a teacher. I had two dolls, and I’d make them sit on the other side of my study table, and teach them whatever I learned at school.
  3. I can’t tolerate music. (If that makes you wonder whether I am normal, I should tell you that I am not. I often get a headache in showrooms and restaurants where they play music.)
  4. I don’t like to mess about with paints, and so digital drawing was a blessing in disguise for me.
  5. I have very low tolerance for people who avoid work. I can be downright nasty to them – and not feel bad about it.
  6. I am good at starting projects and really awful at finishing them.
  7. I find it difficult to say no to friends and yes to strangers.

I tried to state things that you didn’t know about me…and I hope I’ve succeeded.

Now the next condition says that you should forward this award to five blogs that you like (and that you’ve discovered recently.) I haven’t been doing a lot of discovering recently, so I’d choose:

  1. Bowl of Oranges by Lua Fowles, a young, spirited writer.
  2. Zen and the Art of Tightrope Walking by Vivienne Tuffnell the author of Strangers and Pilgrims.
  3. Creative Barbwire by Creative Barb, who is a fascinating writer and an artist with a difference.
  4. Love those Wires by Dewey Dewster, the most adorable WFT I’ve ever met.
  5. Khyra’s Khorner by Khyra, the first and the prettiest Siberian Husky that my dog introduced me to.

I will, of course, visit their blogs and inform them of the award. Dear friends, I know that some of you don’t like awards – don’t worry:) Just know that the Caricaturist appreciates your blog a lot:)

Thanks again, Barb:) Happy blogging to everyone out there.

Warm Regards,


11 comments on “Your Favorite Caricature Blog has got an Award:)

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  2. Congratulations on your award Shafali! And thank you so much for passing it along to me. For me, an award means saying, ‘I enjoy reading this blog and I think others can enjoy it as well,” and that really makes me happy! (soooo happy) 🙂
    “I am good at starting projects and really awful at finishing them.”
    And then feel guilty about it- and eat a big box of chocolate (you know- to cure the guilty heart!) 😉


    • Uh Oh!
      I forgot to mention…I dislike chocolate too:( But you are right – we need something to assuage our guilty conscience:) Your blog is a beautiful place, Lua – and I enjoy being there.


  3. Oh Shafali…..

    I fell asleep before I could ask ya about an intrestin’ tidbit of information ya posted……

    So the world isn’t flat? Yer sure about that ? Really???

    OK, since ya say so I believe it…. fer sure……so here’s my question…..

    If the world isn’t flat, I don’t have ta worry about fallin’ off the edge……but if it’s round…….how sharp are the bends, do ya think? Not so I go zooming around the bend at breakneck speed and crash…….

    Just askin’……..

    Oh yeah…and ya musta been a beautiful baby…..fer real and that’s a song ya might enjoy……very melodious…yes siree…..

    Dewey Dewster here…..


    • Hi Dewey,

      I am not sure. It might be flat for all we know. We could all be existing inside a matrix, where we are programmed to think that the world is round (or almost round) but then who knows whether Mr. Anderson who gives you those doggy treats is actually a rogue program. You might want to consult the Oracle on this. But for sure, I haven’t heard of any sharp bends or jagged edges. I think you can zoom around all you wish:)

      Treats and hugs,


  4. Gee Shafali,

    Thanks so much fer thinkin’ of me…….wow an award fer me….little old me?

    I’m honored ta have received it from ya and will do my best ta create a special post ta display it and fulfill my required duties….that is after I get some much needed rest……I tell ya Gram is runnin’ us ragged throwin’ that ball…..she just knows we can’t resist chasin’ it…..maybe if I close my eyes and repeat 100 times:

    I do not see the ball,
    I will not chase the ball

    I do not see the ball,
    I will not chase the ball

    I do not see the ball,
    I will not chase the ball

    I do not see the ball,
    I will not chase the ball

    Sheesh…that can make ya tired too
    Even the countin’ is tiring……


    Dewey Dewster here…..


    • What if Gram decides to repeat…
      I will throw the ball,
      Dewey will chase the ball

      I will throw the ball,
      Dewey will chase the ball

      I will throw the ball,
      Dewey will chase the ball

      It will help both of you fall asleep:)


  5. Ah shukhks!

    Furst off, khongrats on your beaWOOtiful award –

    Thanks fur sharing those furry interesting bits about woo –

    AND thanks fur pawing it along to me!

    Please have Oorvi paw woo something special from me!



    • Thankh you, Khyra the Beautiful:)

      Oorvi gave me real slurpy lick…was that from you?
      I think Oorvi’s been planning to write an interesting post for her blog:)

      Treats n hugs,


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