Portraits, Caricatures, Cartoons of Famous Bollywood Actors and Indian Sportsmen!


Ah well! I first went crazy drawing all those Hollywood actors and actresses. Then  I went on a trip into the past and brought along historical caricatures. Now, try as I might, I am not able to go back to Hollywood. In fact, Bollywood has been calling me!

Here are the caricatures that I am thinking of drawing. (I’ve done a couple of sketches already…)

Caricatures of Bollywood Films – Male Actors:

(Don’t expect them in the same order though.)

Caricatures of Bollywood Films – Female Actors

(Yes, I mean actresses, but I was trying to keep my language bias-free!):

Caricatures of Bollywood Films – Singers & Other Personalities

Caricatures of Indian Sportsmen:

Caricatures of Indian Politicians?

There are enough of theirs going around, without my help:)

Dear Readers…what’s your opinion on my POA?

Bollywood = B + (H)ollywood, where B stands for Bombay, the good old name of Mumbai, the center of Indian Film Industry.

16 comments on “Portraits, Caricatures, Cartoons of Famous Bollywood Actors and Indian Sportsmen!

  1. It’s probably all lost on me! I don’t think I have ever seen even a snippet of a Bollywood movie and would probably commit murder to avoid it(based on hearsay knowledge of them)
    But I am sure that anything you draw will draw me back from the brink of a killing spree….. :)

    • Hi Viv,
      Thanks anyway:) I am glad you thought to comment. I won’t sell Bollywood to you or anyone else, because I too am not a great fan – but I love Amitabh Bachchan and nothing can change that. I hated what they did to him in Pa (a sick Indian remake of Benjamin Button without the “getting younger” concept,) but a father will do anything to help his untalented son Abhishek Bachchan find a foothold in the industry…so I forgive him his folly.

      You want to see what Paa is all about click http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWnrSTfcNQA and wonder.

    • naw, Viv, some of those movies are awesome!

      I love KANK! And Dostana! And Devdas (the new one)! And their soundtracks!

      Bollywood Convert Barb! :-D

      • each to their own.
        You can’t convert someone by telling them you think something is awesome.
        we’re all different.

      • But we can get people to try out new things, by telling them that those new things are awesome:)

        I appreciate your initiative, Barb!
        – Shafali.

      • A movie that I would recommend is “Wednesday” (Naseeruddin Shah:)) Once in a while Bollywood does something that makes you sit up and wonder if they really grew up while you were staying away from them.
        – Shafali

      • and then Ash (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) comes after (because she’s undeniably beautiful, of course! ;-))! But Shahrukh first, please! *drool* :-D

      • Ah Barb… Your comment about Aish reminded me of the beautiful Ash of the past. Ever since she got married to “his father’s son and nothing else” Mr. Abhishek Bachchan – she’s beginning to look like something that turned up when when they were digging Mohanjodaro or Harappa! I think she should retire from movies now.

        And those Raavan posters – those lenses make her look like she’s been not just kidnapped but possessed by the satan! Yikes!

      • Shahrukh khan the Delhiite who became “Bollywood ka Badshah” not through his contacts but because of his good looks, luck, and hard-work:) I wish he’d not go dancing part-nude in parties thrown by the businessmen…it’s destroying is aura…
        But yes…definitely Shahrukh!

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