Portraits, Caricatures, Cartoons of Famous Bollywood Actors and Indian Sportsmen!


Ah well! I first went crazy drawing all those Hollywood actors and actresses. Then  I went on a trip into the past and brought along historical caricatures. Now, try as I might, I am not able to go back to Hollywood. In fact, Bollywood has been calling me!

Here are the caricatures that I am thinking of drawing. (I’ve done a couple of sketches already…)

Caricatures of Bollywood Films – Male Actors:

(Don’t expect them in the same order though.)

Caricatures of Bollywood Films – Female Actors

(Yes, I mean actresses, but I was trying to keep my language bias-free!):

Caricatures of Bollywood Films – Singers & Other Personalities

Caricatures of Indian Sportsmen:

Caricatures of Indian Politicians?

There are enough of theirs going around, without my help:)

Dear Readers…what’s your opinion on my POA?

Bollywood = B + (H)ollywood, where B stands for Bombay, the good old name of Mumbai, the center of Indian Film Industry.


18 comments on “Portraits, Caricatures, Cartoons of Famous Bollywood Actors and Indian Sportsmen!

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      • and then Ash (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) comes after (because she’s undeniably beautiful, of course! ;-))! But Shahrukh first, please! *drool* 😀


      • Ah Barb… Your comment about Aish reminded me of the beautiful Ash of the past. Ever since she got married to “his father’s son and nothing else” Mr. Abhishek Bachchan – she’s beginning to look like something that turned up when when they were digging Mohanjodaro or Harappa! I think she should retire from movies now.

        And those Raavan posters – those lenses make her look like she’s been not just kidnapped but possessed by the satan! Yikes!


      • Shahrukh khan the Delhiite who became “Bollywood ka Badshah” not through his contacts but because of his good looks, luck, and hard-work:) I wish he’d not go dancing part-nude in parties thrown by the businessmen…it’s destroying is aura…
        But yes…definitely Shahrukh!


  2. It’s probably all lost on me! I don’t think I have ever seen even a snippet of a Bollywood movie and would probably commit murder to avoid it(based on hearsay knowledge of them)
    But I am sure that anything you draw will draw me back from the brink of a killing spree…..


    • Hi Viv,
      Thanks anyway:) I am glad you thought to comment. I won’t sell Bollywood to you or anyone else, because I too am not a great fan – but I love Amitabh Bachchan and nothing can change that. I hated what they did to him in Pa (a sick Indian remake of Benjamin Button without the “getting younger” concept,) but a father will do anything to help his untalented son Abhishek Bachchan find a foothold in the industry…so I forgive him his folly.

      You want to see what Paa is all about click http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWnrSTfcNQA and wonder.


    • naw, Viv, some of those movies are awesome!

      I love KANK! And Dostana! And Devdas (the new one)! And their soundtracks!

      Bollywood Convert Barb! 😀


      • But we can get people to try out new things, by telling them that those new things are awesome:)

        I appreciate your initiative, Barb!
        – Shafali.


      • A movie that I would recommend is “Wednesday” (Naseeruddin Shah:)) Once in a while Bollywood does something that makes you sit up and wonder if they really grew up while you were staying away from them.
        – Shafali


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