Caricature/Cartoon – Edward Norton (Aaron or Roy?) – Primal Fear!

Presenting the Caricature of Edward Norton (The Aaron Stampler of Primal Fear!)

Caricature, Cartoon, Sketch, Portrait of the Hollywood Actor and Producer Edward Norton.

Who Am I? Aaron or Roy?!

Edward Norton’s Shortest Biography on the Web:

Edward Norton an American Hollywood actor who gained prominence for his role in the movie, Primal Fear, was born in 1969. Norton’s mom was a teacher of English and his father is an environmental lawyer. Norton himself is engaged in various environmental activities. Norton began acting in 1993, but he got his first major break in Primal fear, in which he acted alongside Richard Gere. He was awarded the Golden Globe award for his performance in this movie and he also won an Oscar Nomination for Best Supporting Actor. Incidentally, this role was earlier turned down by Leonardo Dicaprio.

Norton is known to play gray characters. The type-casting probably began with his role in Primal fear.

Edward Norton Movies:

His Important performances were in the movies:

The Women in Edward Norton’s Life:

Currently he appears to be Unattached!

Edward Norton Quotes:

  • I don’t smoke and I don’t want to smoke. I am not a fan of gratuitous smoking in films.
  • Fame is very corrosive and you have to guard very strictly against it.
  • All people are paradoxical. No one is easily reducible, so I like characters who have contradictory impulses or shades of ambiguity. It’s fun, and it’s fun because it’s hard.
  • If I ever have to stop taking the subway, I’m gonna have a heart attack.

A Personal Post – for Friends.

Hello Friends,

I am off to watch Avatar in 3D. Though I did this caricature of the Avatar many months ago – I did it from the perspective of a person who hadn’t watched the movie…I intend to another, maybe Neytiri‘s, after I’ve watched the movie:) Let’s see what comes out of it.

I am going to be busy for a few days, but I have Edward Norton‘s caricature stashed away and I think it’s one of my better ones – but I’ll let you be the judge.

I also want to write a Thank You Note to all the visitors to this blog, and all the readers of my book, “The Evolution of a Caricaturist“. As I had said in one of my ancient personal posts, I started this blog because it had been a while that I had smiled. This blog gave me an opportunity to do something that I love doing without being under any sort of pressure – and it was fun.

The book helped me demystify caricature-drawing by breaking it down into a process. I believe that if you can draw, you can draw anything. I didn’t do caricatures until last year – I used to do portraits – but then one day I decided to do one – I could do it. So I began to analyze my process as I drew caricatures, and it resulted in this book.

The book has had more than 16000 views, which is an excellent number, especially for a book for something as niche as caricatures! I am happy that people are reading it and suggesting it to their friends:) Keep doing it…the book is free. It’ll be published as a hardcopy with a lot of interesting additions, but this basic version will always remain free:)

——Avatar Movie Interruption ——

Well, I saved the draft of this post, and I am completing it now, after having watched the movie.  I will write about my movie experience when I post Neytiri’s caricature. You might want to checkout my Avatar Caricature here, but I assure you that it isn’t Neytiri’s!

Meanwhile, enjoy Ajay’s story for the Story-in-the-Caricature Blog Carnival, and wonder how a small, apparently insignificant event can change the course of one’s life!

If you haven’t read the other Carnival stories, here they are:

The formal Announcement Post for the August Carnival Participation shall go up on September 1, 2010! So, if there’s a story brewing up there…you’ve still got another day:)


Better still…



Shafali the Caricaturist.

How to Draw These 7 Personalities?! Let them Draw themselves!

I can’t stop myself from writing this post…so I’d begin by apologizing to my serious visitors – I am sorry! This isn’t a deliberate, thoughtful post – it’s what the netizens would call an impulse post.

You see I came upon the search string, “How to Draw Ozzy Osbourne” in my blog’s data. Isn’t that the joke of the day?! Do you really need to figure it out? Really?!

You see…you don’t make Ozzy’s caricature – he’s already done the job for you. Instead, you make his portrait! So if you can draw, you can draw his caricature!

Here are some other “How to Draw the Caricature of…”! Smile Away:-)

How to Draw the Caricature of Mahatma Gandhi:

Draw the nose, the ears, and the spectacles – the viewers will fill in the rest.

Mahatma Gandhi Ben KingsleyRead the Post on the Caricature of Mahatma Gandhi


How to Draw the Caricature of Ozzy Osbourne:

Forget it. I’ve tried but I believe that no caricaturist can beat Ozzy himself, when it comes to drawing his caricature.

Ozzy OsbourneRead the Post on the Caricature of Ozzy Osbourne


How to Draw the Caricature of Abraham Lincoln:

Draw Gandhi’s caricature, add hair,  and remove the spectacles.

Abraham Lincoln AbeRead the Post on the Caricature of Abraham Lincoln


How to Draw the Caricature of Pamela Anderson:

Draw the fishbowls. Period.

Pamela AndersonRead the Post on the Caricature of Pamela Anderson


How to Draw the Caricature of Lady Gaga:

Draw a nest, or a Computer, or a Robot, or a Christmas Tree; and label it “Lady Gaga”

Lady GagaRead the Post on the Caricature of Lady Gaga


How to Draw the Caricature of Queen Elizabeth:

Draw the crown. Period.

Queen Elizabeth IIRead the Post on the Caricature of Queen Elizabeth II


How to Draw the Caricature of Tiger Woods:

Draw the cap, the women, the Nike symbol…or…to draw a more modern Tiger Woods, draw a Tiger lost in the Woods with beautiful tigresses to give him company!

Tiger Woods, his Women, Nike, Satan, and Divorce!Read the Post on the Caricature of Tiger Woods, his Women, and the Devil.


I could go on and on, and never stop…but I’ve got to go! Have fun, enjoy, and Draw Ozzy Osbourne’s Caricature – and see if you can do a better job than he did.


if you are serious about doing caricatures, you must check out my FREE Online Book “How to Draw Caricatures – Evolution of a Caricaturist“!

Breaking News – The Caricaturist Turns a Writer! Read the Story, “An Archaeologist’s Nightmare!”

Breaking News! —  Breaking News! — Breaking News! — Breaking News!

The Caricaturist is now a Writer! You don’t believe it – do you? Well…here’s the proof. I wrote the following story for Vivienne Tuffnell‘s Short Story Contest. Read the story and leave your comments – I am desperately looking for alternatives – so let me know if I could  consider writing as a possible option! (Well…everyone I know is a writer these days, so I might want to be one just to fit in:))

Note: What you see in green (in teal, to be precise) is the stub – using this stub, you need to write a story. Give it a shot – it’s fun:)

Breaking News! —  Breaking News! — Breaking News! — Breaking News!


The Story begins…

An Archaeologist’s Nightmare!

Many years ago while Alex was a student, he spent some weeks one summer helping on an archaeological dig. The weather was fine and while the work was quite boring, the other people were pleasant and he found he was making friends.

One afternoon, he was kneeling in a ditch with the sun beating down on his back. He was slowly uncovering something buried in the earth but when the piece of pottery came free, so did something else. Looking down with utter horror, Alex saw poking out of the mud a piece of bone. He wasn’t expecting to unearth bones around here – especially in this part of the dig. But then, nothing was impossible.

Finding a bone was as irregular as it could get at the dig, and all the junior archaeologists, even the summer interns knew that if any irregularity popped up, they were supposed to call others. At the dig, every new day was exactly like the previous one – and so an irregularity was a break in the monotony – everyone wanted to be a part of the excitement.

Alex’s call brought everyone at the excavation site including Laura, his supervisor to his corner of the ditch. When Alex had started his summer training with them, little had he realized that he’d have to use all his ingenuity to ward off her advances! Unfortunately the task of avoiding her wasn’t easy as Laura was very attractive, and also very persistent. Alex’s billionaire father had warned his only son again and again, about just this kind of women!

Within a few minutes a new hierarchy was established for excavating Alex’s find. The task was quickly taken over by his more experienced colleagues but as the finder, he was given the opportunity to help. Randal, a Junior Archaeologist took over the task of brushing the dirt from the bone, and carving it out without causing any damage to it. It clearly was a piece of a human clavicle – but there was something other than the centuries old dirt that was pulling it back…something that looked like a chain.

After a lot of coordinated effort, the clavicle, the neck sans the head, and the chain, all came free. At the other end of the chain was a pendant, which looked like it was made of gold and which had an inscription on it. Randall carefully separated it from the bone to let the pendant fall into Alex’s outstretched palm…and it was then that it all began…

The moment that pendant touched Alex’s palm he felt that he was pinned down to his place and couldn’t move. The people who either sat or stood around him began to turn hazy and then disappeared completely, while the hot afternoon transformed into a cool night. The dig around him disappeared and Alex found himself standing in a lovely, well-kept garden. He looked around. In the north, where they hadn’t begun to dig yet, stood a magnificent palace. The broken walls of the fort seemed have mended themselves and they stood erect and proud, with sentries at the posts.

“Isn’t the night beautiful?” he heard a woman’s voice. He didn’t like the voice. It reminded him of something, or someone…but he couldn’t recall what or whom.

Ah well…whatever it is – I have to play the game, he thought.

“Yes, it is,” Alex said and turned to face the owner of the voice. The woman’s face was beautiful but cold – a little like her voice. She was slim, and she wore a gown that went out of fashion about 500 years ago. Suddenly Alex had the urge to look at himself; he looked down at his hands – what the heck? He was wearing rings. Alex hated rings! On his chest, over the brocaded tabard lay a gold pendant with an inscription, which read “Sera and Zareb”! He could read the inscription and understand it! This was a different world.

“I am glad that you are safe. I was worried. Your brother came back three days ago, and he thought that you might not come back at all, until he received that message from you.”

For some reason, Alex felt a stab of pain in his heart. He couldn’t place the reason – but he had enough sense to know that it was a dream – and he knew that all he could do was play the part. As he didn’t know what he was doing there or who he was, it was best that he kept quiet. So he smiled.

“I can see that you are happy to be back, and so am I, but nobody knows that you arrived tonight – isn’t it?”

“Zareb knows, just him – nobody else.” Alex said and shocked himself. How the hell did he know that his brother was called Zareb? He felt drawn towards this cold but beautiful woman, and he didn’t know why. He knew some answers but he didn’t know how he knew them!

“My dear husband, give me a hug. I’ve been alone for so many months… and I’ve missed you so much!” she said with her arms outstretched.

Alex felt a warm rush of affection towards the woman – he loved her! He stepped forward and took her into his arms. It was nice to be home.

Before he could kiss her, he felt something odd – his head snapped back…away from her face! Before he could understand it, he felt a red-hot pain at the base of his neck…and before he closed his eyes, he saw his own body fall sideways with blood spurting out of his neck, and then as he sank gratefully into the painless unconsciousness, he heard the cold cruel laughter of the two people who mattered the most to him!

Alex regained consciousness in his tent. He looked around. There was nobody there, except Laura who was sitting on a stool at his bedside – not a hair out of place, not a crease on her blouse – it was a wonder how she looked so beautiful and so…

“I am glad that you are safe. I was worried,” she said, in a voice that Alex had just heard, in another world, in another time… and her face was so beautiful and yet so cold!

Tiger Woods – Elin Nordegren Divorce – Was it Satan’s Work?

So…their divorce is final!

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren are no longer an item!

And somehow, I can’t resist my urge to show you this caricature that I did when the scandal broke out!

The caricature, cartoon, drawing that tells us how Satan or Devil instigated it all through Nike and women!

It all began with the Devil!

Other interesting links for those who like spicy fare:

About the Divorce:

About the Settlement Amount:

Believe it or not – the rumor mills put the settlement figure between US$ 100 Million and 750 Million! Here’s a dependable though old Fox News link.

About the Future:

And Just in case, you are smitten by a smitten Tiger Woods, here’s a printable calendar of Tiger Woods – The Casanova for you!

Caricature/Cartoon – Ozzy Osbourne of the Black Sabbath – A Visual/Verbal Caricature.

Let us SCREAM >>> OZZY!

A Caricature, cartoon, drawing, portrait of Ozzy Osbourne, the heavy metal singer of Black Sabbath, who has been touring the world to promote his new album scream; tries to scare a mouse away - but the mouse fights back.

The Rodent Warrior Fights Back!

Ozzy Osbourne’s Shortest Biography on the Web:

On December 3rd, 1948; a baby was born who’d father Heavy Metal, and whose music would be “intentionally” dark!

This sweet little baby grew up with dyslexia, a learning disability that has plagued many famous personalities. Obviously his teachers thought nothing of him because teachers prefer average performers, and so he was drawn towards more interesting matters such as stage performances.

Before Ozzy Osbourne began his “black” career, he worked as a laborer, plumber, tool-maker and even a sort of butcher. It’s easy to see how all this work-experience may have been instrumental in the making of the “black” sabbath, and the “heavy metal.” Black Sabbath was born in 1969, and as anything black is usually high in demand and short in supply, it met with a phenomenal success. For obvious reasons, the band was more popular among men.

Moving from gray to dark gray to black to ebony…

Black Sabbath released the following albums featuring Ozzy Osbourne:

  • Black Sabbath
  • Paranoid
  • Master of Reality
  • Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
  • Sabotage
  • Technical Ecstasy

And then Ozzy oozed off the Black Sabbath for a solo project he called Blizzard of Ozz (How creative!) Things didn’t work out until 1980, when Ozzy’s wife (ahem! Well yes. Brand new grapevine starting here has it that whenever a woman spent a night with Ozzy in the morning she’d leave looking like Ozzy’s double. Looking at Ozzy’s face in the darkness of the night had that effect on them. (see picture above) – but Sharon survived it all. The next morning she was as pretty as she was the night before – and so Ozzy slipped one of his many rings on her ring finger and they became an item (read: got married.) BTW, Another survivor was his first wife Thelma Rieley. Amazing women – both!

To make a long story short – Ozzy went on singing… there were many other albums…here’s a list (as always thanks to Wikipedia.)

  • Blizzard of Ozz (1980)
  • Diary of a Madman (1981)
  • Bark at the Moon (1983)
  • The Ultimate Sin (1986)
  • No Rest for the Wicked (1988)
  • No More Tears (1991)
  • Ozzmosis (1995)
  • Down to Earth (2001)
  • Black Rain (2007)
  • Scream (2010)

Other Interesting Ozzisms or Psycho-acts by Mr. Osbourne:

  • Ozzy’s been accused of being a negative influence on the youth and a proponent of SatanismAnti-Christ/Anti-Christian.
  • In 1981, when he signed his first solo-deal (when he’d left Black Sabbath,) he had been fasting for a while (praying for the deal) and he was so hungry that he bit off the head of a dove (quite foolishly I’d say…the head of a bird has the least meat on it.)
  • Shortly afterward, during one of his performances, he bit-off the head of a poor bat – that bravely fought back and bit Ozzy in the mouth before it died – and Ozzy had to take shots to prevent himself from getting Rabies. (What most people do not know is that the bat was the reincarnation (yes, the avatar) of the dove, who had come back seeking revenge!)
  • Next, he had a fight with his brave wife Sharon, then to make people think that his wife was going around urinating on cenotaphs, he wore his wife’s dress and urinated on a cenotaph, which was erected in the honor of those who died in the battle of Alamo.

And yes…

those who are interested in Ozzy’s tattoos, should click here.

Finally, in defence of Ozzy Osborne and his brave wife Sharon Osborne, they are one of the richest couples in UK. Doesn’t matter if Ozzy looks a little mad. I mean – all the rich of the world are a little mad…he just doesn’t hide his madness…he lets it Ooze out of him ozzily!

The Poll Results are Out…

Thanks to the more active and interactive readers of this blog and also thanks to my Facebook friends, I’ve got the order of priority right for the three caricatures.

They shall appear in the following order:
1. Ozzy Osborne (with the rodent warrior)
2. Edward Norton (with his…intense “you’ll see” look.)
3. David Cameron (I’ve to keep telling myself that his first name isn’t James)

You know something?
David Cameron ranks lowest in popularity…even among the British – doesn’t it tell us something? (I didn’t say anything did I?)

Well…these days I come home only to eat and sleep…and so I’ll post Ozzy’s caricature earliest on Sunday evening (afternoon by GMT) (Despite my ultra-cynical view of my own work, I think Ozzy’s caricature is something you’d want to see.)

Looking forward to a less hectic and a more bloggish week…

ridiculously yours,

The Caricaturist, who draws to smile.

PS: How about following my tweets on Twitter? and/or becoming my Facebook friend? Come on…motivate an artist – we are sweet, harmless people…you can then add it as the “good act of the day”  in your self-actualization list!

Who Next? Caricatures/Cartoons from Hollywood, Hard Rock, or International Politics?

Hi Visitors,

About the Upcoming Caricatures:

In what order would you like to see the following three personalities appear on your favorite caricature blog?

  1. Edward Norton the Hollywood Actor
  2. Ozzy Osbourne of the English heavy metal band Black Sabbath
  3. David Cameron the current British Prime Minister

Please write the order of your preference in the comments section – popular demand will lead the way:)

About the Storytelling Carnival:

And yes, while you are here…do visit the “Story-in-the-Caricature Blog Carnival.

(Do you know that most writers are discovered by chance? Take your chance now – and rediscover yourself.)

Have fun…

About the Caricature Drawing Tutorial Book:

and yes, learn how you can DRAW TO SMILE!

Caricature/Cartoon – Kareena Kapoor a.k.a Bebo – The Bollywood Actress who supplies Paint to the Beehive – Wishing Everyone a Happy Independence Day!

On this Independence Day, presenting Kareena Kapoor (Bebo) – The Darling of Bollywood – the completely Indian Celebrity from the oldest Bollywood family!

Kareena Kapoor or Bebo, the Bollywood Heroine who popularized the Size Zero!

Question - How many bees will earn their stripes today?

Kareena Kapoor’s Shortest Biography on the Web

Born in 1980, Kareena Kapoor (affectionately called Bebo) is one of the most popular Bollywood actresses today. Bebo was born in the most prominent Bollywood family of the Kapoors (Kapoor Khaandaan (Family)). She is the great-grand daughter of the legendary Prithviraj Kapoor, the grand-daughter of Raj Kapoor, the daughter of Randhir Kapoor, and the nice of Rishi Kapoor! Her mother was the actress Babita, who had to separate from the Patriarchal Kapoor family to raise her daughters (Kareena and Karishma) in a different environment, where they were free to choose what they wished to do in life.

(Note the absence of gender-equality even in Bollywood’s first family!)

Kareena Kapoor’s Film Career

Bebo made her debut in Refugee, and won the Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut, in 2000. The next year she worked a few forgettable films, until she featured opposite Shahrukh Khan in Ashoka, but she was credited more for her looks than for her acting. In 2002 and 2003, she again worked in films that none of us remembers anything about! But in 2004, her luck changed, when she played the role a prostitute in Chameli. This was her first serious role, which led to her recognition as an actress.

Her other noteworthy performances were in Dev, FidaGol Maal and Jab We Met. In 3 Idiots, she worked opposite Aamir Khan.

Kareena Kapoor’s Love-life

The two milestones in Bebo’s love-life were:

(If Saif and Kareena marry, Saif would be playing the second innings, but if Bebo doesn’t mind, why should we?)

Bebo’s Extra-Cinema Credentials

  • India’s most beautiful woman (what happened to Aishwarya Rai?) – People Magazine
  • First Indian Actress to Launch her own line of clothing.
  • First Indian Actress to achieve a Size Zero (!) (That’s my take…Only circumstantial evidence!)


  • First Indian Actress to donate FREE paint to poor stripe-less bees!

Wishing all Indians everywhere in the world (including dear Kareena), a very Happy Independence Day!

Coming up…Caricature of Kareena Kapoor – a.k.a Bebo – Bollywood’s size 0 heart-throb!

Hello my dear visitors, Indians (of the non-resident type with their hearts residing in India, are welcome too) and Foreigners!

I’ll be uploading Kareena Kapoor’s (Bebo’s) caricature today! So if you are keen on this Bollywood star, despite her size-0 obsession…make another stopover sometime this evening (Indian – truly standard – time!)

And remember, those bees don’t sting!

Cartoon/Caricature Gallery Updated with New Caricatures!

Hello Readers,
I’ve just updated the Caricature Gallery with the new caricatures that I had added to this blog in the past three months. You can view it at:

View the Caricature Gallery of the Celebrities, Historical Personalities, Famous Fictional Characters on Shafali's Blog.

I hope you’ll enjoy the new additions (including Lady Gaga, Russell Crowe, Oracle Octopus Paul, Einstein, among many others!)

And yes,
I’ll be posting the caricature of Kareena Kapoor, the darling of Bollywood, who is affectionately known as Bebo, very soon – and then you can tell me if she’d not look like Paris Hilton,  if she bleached her hair. They are sisters – I don’t know how – but they are! Ever hear of Atavism? I think that’s what’s at work here!

That’s all:)

Chapter 10 – How to Draw Caricatures – Caricaturing the Ears- Published!

Dear Readers: Please note that the KNOL Platform stopped functioning in 2012, so the following links won’t work. An enriched and expanded “Evolution of a Caricaturist – How to Draw Caricatures” is now available as a Kindle eBook from Amazon. The Content Outline of Evolution of a Caricaturist can be downloaded as a FREE pdf here.

Dear Readers,

The 10th Chapter of the Free Online Caricature Drawing Book,  “How to Draw Caricatures – The Evolution of a Caricaturist” is online now. The book is almost complete. We will be discussing the most important feature (the Nose, what else?) in the 11th chapter. The book is going to have 14 chapters, in all.

This chapter, “Chapter 10 – Caricaturing the Ears” begins by classifying the human ear on the basis of its size, angle, and shape. It then discusses the structure of the human ear from the caricaturist’s viewpoint, enabling you to become comfortable not just with caricaturing the ear, but also drawing it without exaggeration. Finally, the chapter uses two examples to illustrates how the human ear can be caricatured.

If this is the first time that you’ve come across this book, the following links will help you explore it chronologically.

Dear Readers: Please note that the KNOL Platform stopped functioning in 2012, so the following links won’t work. An enriched and expanded “Evolution of a Caricaturist – How to Draw Caricatures” is now available as a Kindle eBook from Amazon. ‘


Sidebar Image - Cover - Evolution of a Caricaturist - A Book on How to Draw Caricatures - by Shafali Anand


It has about 150 pages, more than 70 illustrations, and discusses about 3 dozen celebrity faces. The Content Outline of Evolution of a Caricaturist can be downloaded as a FREE pdf here.

The Evolution of a Caricaturist

The readership of this book is growing and I am glad that it’s being received well by the young artists who want to venture into this somewhat mysterious field of caricature-drawing.

I’d like to end this note by saying that if you are a regular reader of this book, comment on it and let me know if there’s anything else that you’d like to see in it. I hope to complete the book sometime early next month…this is the time to tell me if you’d like an additional chapter or two, on something that could make this book more useful to you:)

And now, Find a pencil and a paper – and

D R A W      T O      S M I L E   !

– Shafali

Announcement – Blog Carnival for Bloggers: Tell the Story-in-the-Caricature – Third Edition!

The Story in the Caricature Blog Carnival for Bloggers, Storytellers, and All of us!

Welcome to the third Tell-the-Story-in-the-Caricature Blog Carnival.

Here’s the caricature to inspire your creativity:

The Story in the Caricature Blog Carnival for Bloggers, Storytellers, and All of us!

What's his Story?

The Previous Carnivals:

Read about the previous carnivals here.

The Four Rules:

1. Write a story, small or big, about this caricature (There’s no upper limit – you are welcome to write a thesis if you please:))

2. Publish the story on your blog, along with this caricature (A link to this blog would be appreciated, but it isn’t necessary.)

3. Leave the link to your post, as a comment to this post here.

4. The festival ends at the midnight of August 31, 2010 (Tuesday.)

The Three Rewards:

1. All the story links added until the last date, will be published on this blog on September 1, 2010, along with the blog-address and a short-bio of the writer.

2. The blog addresses of the participating bloggers will find way into my “The Storytellers” blogroll.

3. We will also request all the story-writers to publish the links of other story-writers in a blog-post on their respective blogs. This will help the story writers find more readers – but of course, this would be voluntary.

An Important Note:

This blog has zero tolerance for pornography and abusive language and so any comment/story containing such material will not appear here.

If you’ve lived in this world, you ARE a Storyteller:

We’ve all got stories to tell – and let nobody convince you otherwise! This caricature reminds you of something – doesn’t it? A fear, a hope…despair for some, happiness for others…it tides up your emotions – right? Pour them out on your screen – and write a story!  A STORY BY YOU!

Caricature/Cartoon – Mariah Carey The Famous Hip-hop and Pop Singer with Damaged Vocal Cords


Mariah Carey!

A caricature, cartoon, or portrait of Mariah Carey, the American Hip-hop and Pop singer

What about my Vocal Cords?

  • Mine Again
  • Ribbon
  • Honey

…does it sound like gobbledegook?
Actually they are the three fragrances that make up Mariah Carey’s Lollypop Bling!

Mariah Carey’s Shortest Biography on the Web!

As is usual, here’s the shortest biography of Ms. Mariah Carey that you can find on the World Wide Web.
Mariah Carey is 41 (Believe it or not,) she is a hip-hop and pop singer, who has sold more than 175 million copies of her records. She’s won 5 Grammy Awards (Grammys)! Mariah Carey was born in 1970, and 3 years after he birth, her parents divorced. She became acquainted with the bitter taste of racism quite early in her childhood.

Her rise to fame began when Mottola, who she met at a party, saw her demo tape (pushed to him by Brenda Starr for whom Mariah Carey sang as a backup singer) and signed her up for a recording contract.

Her first album was called “Mariah Carey” and for it, she received the Best New Artist Grammy.

Mariah Carey’s Personal Life:

Mariah Carey married Tommy Mottola in 1993 and divorced him 1994 because she found Mottola “controlling.”

(There are countries where you’d be laughed upon if you cited that as a reason for a divorce – but celebs are measured by a different cultural yardstick, I guess.)

Around 2001, she separated from Columbia Records and signed a contract with Virgin Records.This period was bad for her and she suffered a sort of nervous breakdown in July 2001.The following years were a busy time for Carey – In 2008, she married once again. Her new husband was Nick Cannon.

Mariah Carey’s Acting Life:

She’s worked in The Bachelor, Glitter (an autobiographical sort of film – for which she got the Golden Raspberry Award – the Razzy – for being the worst actress – same as Sandra Bullock this past year.), and some others. In 2009, she worked in Precious, a movie for which she got a Breakthrough performance award.

Mariah Carey’s Albums:

  • Mariah Carey
  • Emotions
  • Music Box
  • Merry Christmas
  • Butterfly
  • Rainbow
  • Glitter
  • The Emancipation of Mimi
  • MTV Unplugged

(This isn’t a complete list – you can find the complete list of Mariah Carey’s Albums here.)

The point to note is that Mariah Carey’s vocal cords aren’t normal. She was lucky that her mom didn’t deposit her in a hospital or she’d have never sung – instead, she might’ve ended up with some sort of psychological issue (an inferiority complex about her voice), which could’ve ensured that she never sang.

See my point?

Mariah Carey will be flashing her smile on this Caricature Blog soon!

Next in the queue, waiting for her turn, is the pop and hip-hop singer who is also an actress. Sometime today, Mariah Carey will make an appearance on this caricature blog:-)

Stay awake…

PS: She’ll be followed by an Indian celebrity:-) who looks like Paris Hilton, but has more color in her hair and her eyes – Guess who?

I know it isn’t easy to guess for my non-Indian visitors or for my Indian visitors…Alien Visitors, will you try to find who this Paris Hilton look-alike is?

(Hint: The answer is given in the Indian Celebrities post here.)

And yes…

About the How to Draw Caricatures book – The Evolution of a Caricaturist…

I’ve been seeing searches for “Chapter 10 – Evolution of a Caricaturist” happening on this blog. I am sorry for the delay in adding Chapter 10, but thanks for motivating me. If you want to read the tenth chapter, who am I to stop you from reading it:) “Chapter 10 (Caricaturing the Ears)” will be going up sometime this week. Draw…and SPREAD THE SMILE!

July Blog Carnival – Thanks to the Participating Authors.

blog carnival story in the caricature

Hello friends,

The Story-in-the-Caricature Blog Carnival for July ended on July 31, 2010.

Here’s the caricature around which the writers wrote their fascinating stories.

Caricature, cartoon, portrait of a woman with a spade for Story in a Caricature Blog Carnival.

What's her Story?

Following story-writers Participated in the Story-in-the-Caricature Blog Carnival:

Here are links to their stories:

I thank all the authors for their participation in the carnival. I never thought that the caricature could be interpreted in so many interesting ways. Thank you so much:-)

I hope that the next carnival will interest more authors.  If you think you can’t think up a story, in my opinion you are inhibiting your thoughts – let them out…let them reach others!

I hope that the authors will present the above links on their own blogs as well.  It will help us all find more readers:-)

We’ll be announcing the next Carnival soon. If any of the previous participants would like to take the carnival to their blogs, write to me.

Caricature/Cartoon Bollywood Hero Aamir Khan – 3 Idiots – Bollywood ka King Kaun?

Presenting Bollywood ka King – Aamir Khan!

Caricature Cartoon Sketch of Aamir Khan the King of Bollywood - Indian Actor, Producer, and Director.

Bollywood ka King - Aamir Khan!

Lost? The Story Behind this Caricature of Aamir Khan:

What you  need to know in order to understand this caricature is that Bollywood is dominated (was) by three Khans. They all came into the industry almost together and India watched their progress with great interest. These three Khans were:

There was a time when the three Khans were in obvious competition.

  • Then Salman destroyed himself (he does weird things, like hunting endangered animals  – and I remember that he even mowed down some people – one person died – once.) The overall impact of these legal hassles was that in this race of the three Khans, he fell behind.
  • Shahrukh was ahead in the race (the man is talented and when he was younger, he was much better looking than the other two – ever since he got into the six-pack business, his face has begun to look like a desiccated mango 😦 ) Unfortunately, fame got to his head (happens with people who come from humble backgrounds and become very famous) and he went around telling everyone that he was the King of Bollywood.
  • Aamir however was used to fame from an early age, and so when he became successful, he stayed humble. Now humility is something that is appreciated a lot in India and we especially like to see some of it in those we idolize – helps our egos I guess. So, in the long run, he emerged the winner.

Aamir Khan’s Shortest Biography on the Web:

Born on March 14, 1965, Aamir Khan is one of the most popular actors in Indian Cinema today. He began his career in 1973, as a child actor (who played the character of Ratan, the third brother) in Yaadon ki Baaraat. This film was produced by his Uncle. Thus, Aamir Khan belongs to the first wave of Bollywood Putras (Sons of Bollywood) in Bollywood. In 1988, at the age of 23, Aamir acted as the male lead in QSQT (Quayamat se Quayamat tak), which was made by his cousin.

Aamir Khan’s Rise to Fame:

Aamir however was made for bigger and better things. He turned producer for the film Lagaan in which he also played the male lead – and Lagaan was nominated for the Academy Award. In 2007, for the first time, he turned a director with the movie, Taare Zameen Per (Stars on the Ground) – a movie about the struggle of a dyslexic child. Next he dazzled India with Ghajini (and his young male fans went around sporting the weird hairstyle that you see here.) And then came 3 Idiots – the inspiration for this cartoon.

And so, Aamir won the race with three phenomenal successes in a row, Taare Zameen Per, Ghajini, and 3 Idiots.

Recently, he also received the Padma Bhushan for his work…and right now, as he says on his blog, he is on a promo-tour for his newest film Peepli Live (already in controversy for its song, Mahangai dayan (inflation witch)).

Alll Ijjj Wellll!

Aamir Khan’s Caricature (Three Idiots?)- Coming right up!

Aamir Khan’s going to be here soon. (But remember, we’d be following the IST or the Indian Stretchable Time.)

It’s the Pipli Live Promotion tour – I’ll be watching the movie…will you?

Here’s the link to his blog –

Stay tuned…