Who Next? Caricatures/Cartoons from Hollywood, Hard Rock, or International Politics?

Hi Visitors,

About the Upcoming Caricatures:

In what order would you like to see the following three personalities appear on your favorite caricature blog?

  1. Edward Norton the Hollywood Actor
  2. Ozzy Osbourne of the English heavy metal band Black Sabbath
  3. David Cameron the current British Prime Minister

Please write the order of your preference in the comments section – popular demand will lead the way:)

About the Storytelling Carnival:

And yes, while you are here…do visit the “Story-in-the-Caricature Blog Carnival.

(Do you know that most writers are discovered by chance? Take your chance now – and rediscover yourself.)

Have fun…

About the Caricature Drawing Tutorial Book:

and yes, learn how you can DRAW TO SMILE!

6 comments on “Who Next? Caricatures/Cartoons from Hollywood, Hard Rock, or International Politics?

    • I agree – he acts so well when he acts grumpy – it’s almost like he was born grumpy…
      Intense eyes that can burn a hole into yours and turn you blind…right?


  1. Wow since Ozzy Osborne resembles a caricature when he is au-natural, I would enjoy seeing him look more ridiculous than he already appears….but then again maybe you can make him look more normal and scare us all…..


    • You are so observant Nancy:) I thought the same. I was feeling lazy and I thought that if I caricatured Ozzy, I’d save some work…


    • Thanks Mr. Mills,
      Your visits never fail to delight me.
      Everything’s fine here although somewhat busier than usual. I hope your vacation made you feel younger by at least forty years:)


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