Tiger Woods – Elin Nordegren Divorce – Was it Satan’s Work?

So…their divorce is final!

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren are no longer an item!

And somehow, I can’t resist my urge to show you this caricature that I did when the scandal broke out!

The caricature, cartoon, drawing that tells us how Satan or Devil instigated it all through Nike and women!

It all began with the Devil!

Other interesting links for those who like spicy fare:

About the Divorce:

About the Settlement Amount:

Believe it or not – the rumor mills put the settlement figure between US$ 100 Million and 750 Million! Here’s a dependable though old Fox News link.

About the Future:

And Just in case, you are smitten by a smitten Tiger Woods, here’s a printable calendar of Tiger Woods – The Casanova for you!


4 comments on “Tiger Woods – Elin Nordegren Divorce – Was it Satan’s Work?

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  2. ” Poor Tiger needs to get his Mojo back:)”
    hehe something tells me he won’t be getting it back for a very long time…
    Great caricature as always Shafali- love the little devil 🙂


  3. Ah Shafali,

    No one is saying definitively but the settlement in the divorce is speculated to be in the $100 million and up range. I don’t think Elin will be worrying about where her next meal is coming from for a very long time…..if ever. Now poor Tiger seems to have lost his MoJo and has been having a terrible time trying to play golf to win. Maybe he misses all those emotional (ahem) releases he had lined up in the past. Here’s wishing him well in trying to put his shattered life back together again…..he’s gonna need it…..


    • Elin’s settled for life…I guess that’s what they mean when they speak of settlement:)
      I am being mean but I think that when a model gets married to a celebrity, she builds a set of expectations and also projects the possible risks and rewards…
      but as you said – Poor Tiger needs to get his Mojo back:)



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