So you think you can Draw?!


Everyone can draw. I can draw, you can draw, they can draw, we can draw, my neighbor’s daughter can draw, and your neighbor’s dog can draw!

Drawing is no more complex than removing that little fiber of chicken that gets stuck between your teeth, or scratching your back with a fishbone. Drawing is easy. You need to find something that puts a mark on something else that you can find – and you can draw.

So now – the question is – can you draw?

Of course you can.  The technical definition of the term “Draw” is: “make a mark or lines on a surface”! Can you do it? Of course you can! Now…say it, “Yes, I Can!” (If that reminds you of some slogan that you heard about two years ago, I should plead coincidentality…if there’s a word like that!)

The point that I am trying to make here is – you can draw – the question that you should be asking yourself is…what is it that I should draw?

There’s stuff that anyone can draw, and there’s stuff that needs some focused practice.

The stuff that anyone who can “make a mark or lines on a surface” can create is called “abstract art.” You’ve got to work on your ability to “surprise or shock” people – and if your idea “clicks” you could be selling canvases with blotches of paint that just happened!

The other stuff that needs focused practice could be:

It could be anything that requires that you draw a line, a curve, a circle…anything with a purpose. This would require practice – this would also require focus.

Just the way writers who’d write anything and expect people to understand it (or not), but who hope to sell (and sometimes do sell) their books thinking that readers are foolish and that they’d be able to fool them by saying that their stuff is for the “intellectuals” – there are also artists who’d draw anything and hope to sell (and sometimes they do sell) their art to the “connoisseurs of art.”

I prefer to be an artist with a purpose – and I prefer to draw something that’s understood by everyone – because everyone has the right to be delighted by art. Art shouldn’t exist for those few who sit at the far right of the IQ bell-curve – it should exist for everyone. I would draw portraits, caricatures, cartoons, compositions, scenes, mountains, rivers – but I would draw them in a way to ensure that whoever looks at them connects with them not in an “abstract” way – but in a very real, transparent, and emotional way…through my skill of drawing.

I prefer and hope (though without a right) that if you are young and if you can draw, you’d create art for everyone too. Draw to bring a smile to your own face and to the faces of others. Don’t get caught into the specialization-racket! Draw whatever catches your fancy. Let your art flow, but let it not become idiotic; don’t let it become a senseless orgy of colors and lines – let it speak to everyone, let it establish a personal connection with anyone who looks at it.

So, if you think you can draw…





6 comments on “So you think you can Draw?!

  1. I can draw…quite well but I think I draw better with words.
    Maybe I flatter myself but I think it’s a good idea to explore all your talents and then work hardest on the one you are best at and that you enjoy the most. When I draw, it is very rare that what I had in my head ever comes down to paper(or clay as I sculpt sometimes too) but when I write, it always seems to be what was in my head.
    For what it’s worth, I prefer art to be accessible too and yours is very much so.


  2. Shafali Ji,
    Exactly the point that Joy is trying to make – but with considerably less finesse.
    Liked your Edward Norton caricature a lot. I have seen the boy in that Primal Fear movie that you wrote about. He looked real dangerous in it!
    – Gorakh Nath.


    • My dear Gorakh Nath Ji.
      I am glad you liked the Edward Norton caricature. It is one of my favorites – and I really won’t part with it unless I were offered at least 10K USD for it (by Mr. Norton or one of his crazy fans) because only they’ll be able to cherish it as much as I do.
      Warm Regards and many thanks for visiting.
      PS: Did you have to hop onto Vicky’s rucksack for it?


    • Snikkkkhhhherrrrrrrr!
      With you on this Khyra…completely and totally!
      Bellyrubs and ear-scratches…and long tail-waving walks with you…(I wish I had a tail too:( )
      – Shafali


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