Caricature/Cartoon – Bald Man Smiling – A Polymer Clay Sculpture!

99.9% Artists don’t eat…from doing art! I am one among the 99.9%! Drawing is a skill that’s as useless as the skill of scratching your own back – It isn’t easy, it twists you all out of shape, it’s also extremely gratifying; but you can’t earn by scratching your back!

So what does an artist (specifically this one) do? She tries out other options.

Remember she turned a writer recently? No? Well…that tells us something – doesn’t it?!

Obviously then, something else had to be tried – and so she turned a caricaturist sculptoress (sculptor/sculptoress?! Dictionary writers must all be men – they didn’t bother! Artist/Artistress?! See what I mean – Woman artists are twice as unwanted as their fellow male counterparts!)

So here’s my second effort at creating clay sculptures (and don’t ask me to show you my first…it was a disaster!)

3d caricature cartoon clay sculpture (wall plaque) of a smiling bald man with moustache and beard.

I am bald and bearded, and I have a handlebar must make me look funny...but who cares! Check out my smile, because that's what's really important!

A Thank You Note to my Teacher:) Nancy Johanson (Dewey Dewster‘s Gram), who makes beautiful clay doggies, and whose creations inspired me to try out clay modeling.

Dear Nancy,

Thank you for inspiring me and telling me all about clay modeling. It’s fun though it’s different:) I think I’d stick to modeling caricatures in clay for some time…they are simpler for me to handle:) This afternoon I used the second box of clay to create this wall-plaque. It’s tiny. About 2.5 inches by 1.25 inches. I made a wall-plaque of it by adding a clay-loop behind it, and right now it’s hanging on my soft-board, with a push-pin!

That’s all for now:) See you soon with some new caricatures!


9 comments on “Caricature/Cartoon – Bald Man Smiling – A Polymer Clay Sculpture!

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  2. I’ve given up worrying about feminising nouns, but as Ian says, a woman who sculpts is a sculptress.
    I messed about with clays of all sorts some years back, including Fimo, and while I have a set of tools for it, I actually found improvising with lots of little things worked better.
    I recently unearthed my big craft box and perhaps may resurrect a few projects.
    I have to say that if this was really only your second attempt, then keep going as I think it’s very good indeed. My best result was with glow-in-the-dark Fimo, and I have beads that emit a gentle if eerie glow in low light levels…


    • Hi Ian,

      Thanks for your encouraging words:) So…the issue was with the spelling…I am going to be a Caricature-Sculptress! Doesn’t it sound a bit Eeevvvviiiillll:) As in Sorceress?

      Regards, Shafali


  3. Shafali,

    That is a wonderful sculpture. And being so small, it would be even harder to make. I find the small items are hard for my fingers to work with and so the majority of mine are a bit larger. The detail you have put in that little sculpture is amazing…I can see the smile on his face and the crinkle in his eyes…..even the creases in his forehead are perfect. I find dogs easy to make but I don’t think I could sculpt a person. Somehow I don’t think that you need a teacher at all to become a sculptor…you are one already.

    Love your work !


    • Hi Nancy,
      Thanks for motivating me. I guess I am not a very organized person and I often don’t get down to creating something until I experience an overwhelming urge to do it (true for most of the lazy kinds) – this is exactly what happened today.
      Honestly, I am not happy with my tools…and though I’ve been going around like a scavenger trying to pick every little metallic shape that I come across, I still don’t have anything that has a tiny sphere at one end (which i can use to shape the nose and the ears) nor do I have a tiny triangular spatula that can help me shape the eyes…
      But I plan to buy some more clay:) and I will try to recreate some of my previous caricatures in clay…let us see if I can create an individual’s likeness:)
      Warm Regards and tons of thanks.


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