Caricature/Cartoon – Brendan Fraser – George of the Jungle Discovers Ursula!

Drawing Brendan Fraser‘s caricature was a decision driven more by my desire to capture his clean bright looks than by his popularity. The fact that his Wikipedia page scrolls to just two page-heights tells me that he isn’t as famous as I think he should be, but then, the point is, he is still young – and he’s got about 30 years worth of movies left in him. I don’t believe he’d stop acting before he turns seventy!

Here’s Brendan Fraser, George of the Jungle (Tarzan?), with a short-haircut (why can’t he have short hair – he’s got a well-supplied cabin – doesn’t he?), looking at Ursula (Jane?) for the first time. Doesn’t he look smitten?!

The caricature, cartoon, drawing, sketch of Brendan Fraser as George of the Jungle with a much needed haircut, looking at Ursula for the first time!

Now who's that? George's very own Gorgeous?!

Brendan Fraser’s Shortest Biography on the Web:

Brendan Fraser, the Hollywood actor, is a Canadian-American, who was born on December 3, 1968, in Indianapolis, US. His acting career began when he was twenty. In the last twenty years Brendan has worked in more than 30 movies. Fraser was married to actress Afton Smith for fourteen years (a rather long marriage by the Hollywood standards.)

Some Brendan Fraser Movies that you should Watch:

Other Interesting Links for Brendan Fraser:


31 comments on “Caricature/Cartoon – Brendan Fraser – George of the Jungle Discovers Ursula!

  1. must say u r drawing fine sketches why dont u make sketches of indian celebs political as we have lots of idiots in politics.


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  3. The Mummy(1) has one of my all-time favourite lines in any film. It’s where Evie is drunk and is asked what she is and replies, “I….I am a librarian!” and passes out.
    Don’t ask what tickles me so much about this scene; it just does!
    The third movie just wasn’t the same without Rachel..


  4. Know what? I’m actually quite proud that I’d never heard of him. Miserable so-and-so that I am! Perhaps it’s a gender issue? But I have “google-imaged” him and I must say I am impressed with your artistry. A really good capture of the essentials.


    • Don’t berate yourself, Ian. I’ve discovered that most people in this world do not know about Brendan Fraser – but as I said, he’s got many acting years ahead, so we might hear of him yet:)

      I am glad you liked the caricature:)



  5. George had his air cut to make him look like the Mummy guy? Baaaaad caricaturist! 😉 I loved him with long hair in that movie (and I loved he wore only his… what was it called in English? Well, you know what I mean)!
    Thank you for the caricature! Great job! 😀


  6. Shafali Ji,

    I liked the chap in the drawing. I am not too much into Hollywood movies so I too had to look for him on the web. But what I like most is the look on his face – he looks like he has seen a “ghost,” and to be more precise he has got the look that I see on the faces of people when they first see me.

    all in all – good job.

    Gorakh Nath.


    • Hi Gorakh Nath Ji,
      It’s always a pleasure to have to stop by. I am glad you like the look on his face – and you are right Ursula Stanhope looked more like ghost in the movie!


  7. Wow Shafali,

    I do like the caricature although I did not see the movie….and searching the web for pictures of him in that film I can see that you have captured him. I think that is another movie I need to put on my “to watch” list (George of the Jungle). How is it that you have seen more American movies than I have? Great job!….as always…..



    • Nancy, I am glad you liked the movie. You SHOULD watch George of the Jungle…and I mean it – It’s hilarious in a very nice way. It’s a Tarzan movie with a heavy dose of humor, and a Tarzan who lives in luxury:)
      About watching more American movies than you have – I am not so sure. I must have about 50 movies in my collection and rest I watch on television – but when it comes to choosing between a Hollywood and a Bollywood film, I do gravitate towards Hollywood – for one simple reason…the risk of the movie turning out to be waste of money and time is significantly lower:) Simple Wall Street logic!


  8. Thank you Shafali for putting up Brendon Fraser here. Vivienne’s tea did the trick I think 😀 I like his characteristic hairstyle because my own hairstyle is quite like his 😀 But I must say you’ve been kind to him (be kind to PiggyChops too :D). It’s more like a portrait 😀 I have seen his Mummy movies and Journey to the Center of the Earth. Mummy for Rachel Weisz and the other one because I’d read the novel 😀


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