Blog Carnival for Story-writers – 3 Days to go…Read the Stories that have come in!

Hello Visitors of both the Serious and the Casual kinds:)


If you don’t know about it already, let me remind you that the September Blog Carnival for Storywriting “Story in the Caricature” is drawing to a close…have you written your story yet?

Here are the stories that’ve come in so far:

I am waiting to read your story:-)

Here’s a quick To-do list for participating in the Carnival:

  1. Write a story and post it on your blog.
  2. Add the Permalink to your post in the comments section of the September Blog Carnival Announcement post here.

And yes…

if you love to read stories, read the entries for the previous 3 carnivals here.

I now return to the act of drowning myself in work, but I shall return soon! Meanwhile, go for a treasure hunt in the exotic lands of your mind and bring back a beautiful story. Discover the storyteller within you:-)


2 comments on “Blog Carnival for Story-writers – 3 Days to go…Read the Stories that have come in!

  1. Sorry Shafali……or Mercury….whichever ya prefer….I just got so caught up in the sheer frightening appearance of the blog carnival lady/man/beast/person that there just wasn’t a story left ta think of……why I couldn’t even sleep at night after catchin’ a glimpse of her/he/it……..without sleep my creative juices are compromised beyond repair……Maybe next time……

    She/he/it isn’t goin’ ta chase me down the street, is it? Isn’t goin’ ta try ta steal my favorite toy…..or haunt my dreams anymore……….pure evil…….fer sure…….

    Just askin’………

    Dewey Dewster here…..


    • Mercury?

      Doesn’t matter dear Dewey – some caricatures inspire, others don’t. I expect the October caricature to bring out the best in all of us:)

      Super treats to you and your mom, and of course Toby.


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