Amunet – The Harlot of my Dreams – Caricature/Cartoon – A Polymer Clay Sculpture and a Short Story.

Amunet – The Harlot of my Dreams

(A Short Story and a Verbal Caricature – by Shafali The Caricaturist)

The Year: 2020 A. D.

Brice checked the machine once again. Everything appeared to be in order – but Brice wanted to be sure. On his last trip into the past, his time machine had developed some sort of engine trouble, and it had delayed his arrival back. Technically you could never be late in arriving back into your time as you could program the machine to bring you back as soon as you had departed – but when you spend 2 years of your time in the World War II Europe, trying to fix your machine, you age. Those worry-lines on Brice’s forehead weren’t there when he had walked into the time travel machine for that last trip!

So after Brice had ensured that the machine was in good shape, he stepped into it, set the time dial to 5:30 PM, July 1725 BC, and typed in the longitude and latitude of the place of his dreams. It was time of inundation; it was the time when the androgynous goddess of fertility Hapi rode the Nile and made the land fertile; it was also the time that he had been dreaming of, every night of the last three months – it was the time of Amunet!


The door closed behind Brice. It would take the machine about 3 minutes to reach its destination. Brice closed his eyes and memories from his dreams rushed to fill his mind. The beautiful almond eyes outlined with kohl, the full red lips, and the dewy freshness of her skin – the way he had been seeing Amunet all these months. He also saw the banks of the swollen Nile; and he almost felt the happiness that came with the flooding of the Nile. Brice was a time travel scientist, he wasn’t a historian; but that girl in his dreams made him spend hours of his time researching not time-travel, but the history Ancient Egypt. She had become his obsession, and he had to find her – and if he really did, he might even stay back in time…Love makes you do strange things.

A sharp beep told him that the time machine had arrived into the past, at his destination – the City of Thebes on the eastern bank of the river Nile. Everything was as he had visualized…except the landscape. What were they? Broken Chariot wheels?! The Hyksos had brought the chariots to Egypt, and they hadn’t arrived until 1700 BC! Something wasn’t right – but then everything else wasn’t a lot different from what he had seen in his dreams! He hid his time machine, and looked around…if Amunet were there he’d see her because nobody else could be as beautiful!

And then he saw her…on the steps of the ruins. The steps, on which she sat, looked like they belonged to the beautiful fountain that he saw in his dreams. It was the same place – and there she was – the same almond-shaped eyes, the same sideways glance…but she looked different with all that makeup! And her jewelry was mostly blue…Lapis Lazuli. He looked again. She sat there laughing, talking to drunken men, who’d pay her and then stagger over to one of the younger girls and…Brice could watch no more. He turned and ran, trying not to vomit – the girl who he had seen in his dreams was now the much older harlot who sat on those steps – she and all the other girls, wore the blue Lapis Lazuli stone on their foreheads or in their hair – he had read in the history text s that the law in Ancient Egypt required that the harlots announced their calling to everyone by wearing the blue stone on their foreheads.

The caricature, cartoon, sculpture, 3D image of an egyptian harlot.

Amunet, the Egyptian Harlot. A Polymer Clay Model – 3″ tall, 1.75″ wide, 1.5″ deep.

Brice ran across the fields towards his time machine. He couldn’t understand it at all. What went wrong? And then it occurred to him…the history books that he had read during his research and based his calculations on – were wrong! They were at least 25 years off the mark!

The time machine was still there. Brice thanked his stars, climbed into it, and reset the dials! He was going back to his home in the time-space – never to return!


The Year: 2025 A. D.

After his Egyptian fiasco five years ago, Brice decided to junk his job as a time-travel scientist and decided to become a computer programmer instead. Now he programs computer applications that drive people nuts by asking them for updates twice a day!


Special Thanks to:

  • Nancy Johanson, Dewey’s Gram who inspired me to dabble with clay.
  • Wilbur Smith my favorite author, who helped me time travel to Ancient Egypt through his Egyptian series.
  • Oorvi’s Cameo who photographed the Harlot 🙂

9 comments on “Amunet – The Harlot of my Dreams – Caricature/Cartoon – A Polymer Clay Sculpture and a Short Story.

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  2. Ah yes……it is amazing that when you age, you miss important bits of information and even though you read it, it just doesn’t register in the hard drive until someone points it out. I missed that completely and I would be happy if Brice would please stop harassing me to install constant updates in my very overworked laptop. No wonder the poor thing is ready to crash. If it does, I am going to take a trip in my own time machine and I swear that I will find him….there is no place that he can hide. And THAT is a PROMISE.

    But I still love the detail on that small piece of Polymer clay. Great job….once again…….


  3. Hi Viv,

    You are right about the Egyptian timelines. I am glad you liked the sculpture and the tale:)

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    Warm Regards,


  4. The timeline for ancient Egypt has been revised and revised over the years, when they find missing links and pharoahs they never knew existed, and because even carbon dating is only accurate to around a few hundred years, pinpointing exact dates is almost impossible. Add to this the curious fact that evidence has been found to show that the Sphinx may be an awful lot older than anyone previously thought(something denied vehemently by Dr Zahi Hawass, the main man in Egypt’s egyptologists) then it’s no wonder poor Brice ended up in the wrong time. I am surprised he got within the woman’s lifetime even…
    Entertaining tale: liked the scuplture too.
    I had a friend way back who was an Egyptologist, and it was one of my passions too. We were almost thrown out of the British museum in our late teens for misbehaving; later he did get thrown out of Oxford for not working. I still visit the Egyptian rooms at the British Museum, and wonder about a life that never happened…


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  6. Shafali,

    You never cease to amaze me. The detail in that little piece is wonderful and you are working with a finger nail file? Great job ! Keep up the good work. You can consider yourself to be a sculptor any day or anytime. It’s too bad you aren’t here so you could use my kiln. Imagine the creations you could make with potters clay and a ceramic kiln. I think I’ll stick to making dogs.


    • Thank you Nancy:) I wouldn’t have thought of exploring sculpting had it not been for you. Guess I’ll never graduate to potters clay and ceramic kiln – but then something is better than nothing. (I always wanted to work in 3D graphics – but the software applications scared me off…)
      Thanks and Regards,


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