Coming up Shortly – John Lennon – the Original Beatle!o

Artists are the often-lost-(and-seldom-found) people in this universe. We’d beat the scientists and the professors at any absent-mindedness contest with no preparation at all!  Here’s what happened.

I was all bleary-eyed, puffy-faced,  and red-nosed with all that weeping, crying, and throwing tantrums for anyone around to pick one or two, when in my mailbox, among those clones of freebooter emails,  I saw a contest announcement email for John Lennon‘s caricature. Now I don’t have that knack for entering art contests – not because I can’t draw, but because I can’t read the rules…and in my completely distraught state, which I just described to you, I couldn’t even read the name of the FaceBook group that had announced the contest!

So after I had painstakingly created the caricature, I posted it to the wrong group! (I rather liked this “wrong” group…it’s for ancient and almost extinct, non-digital artists, such as yours truly, so a shrink would possibly ascribe my error to some silly psychological principle of my seeing what I wanted to see…or something like that.)

The point is – now I am not motivated to find the right group anymore – and so I’ll bring that caricature to this blog, sometime today:)

Friends, this is one of my favorite caricature. It depicts Lennon in heaven, wondering why did he ever think of writing “Imagine No Possessions“!

Until then, then!


PS: A Facebook friend just told me how I could enter it into the contest correctly – so I’ve done it…and as this group doesn’t mind my posting the caricature to my blog, I’d be adding it here as well…Yay!


4 comments on “Coming up Shortly – John Lennon – the Original Beatle!o

  1. I’m not a big fan of either The Beatles or of Lennon. I did my degree in Liverpool, home to the Beatles and at the time, it was their big tourist draw. My parents were from the city originally, so my mother used to go to the Cavern Club where the Beatles first performed and my father went to the same school as Lennon and McCartney(he left before they started, he’s a little older)
    However, as 20th Century icons, and particularly Lennon, as he was assasinated(is that the right term for his death) by a fan the prospect of your caricature intrigues me.
    Shall be back later.


    • Wish I knew, Souldipper! Dip into my soul to find out…but seriously, you’ve got a fantastic screen-name:)
      Sometime later today, you shall see the outcome of my efforts.
      Warm Regards,


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