Still here…

but busy as a bee…

Any thoughts on who I should be sketching next?

The following are currently on my interest list:

You are welcome to leave your suggestions:) And of course, your stories for the Blog Carnival too…I’m dying to read some interesting original fiction. (The newest story can be read here.)

And Oh…if you are an Indian (or if you love India) you should stop by my friend Gorakh Nath Ji’s Indian Fiction and Humor blog.  He’s dead but more spirited than many of the living. If you are an Indian and a woman – find Vicky on his blog and follow him (don’t ask me why…discover it yourself!)

Meet Gorakh Nath Ji:

Gorakh NathFind him at:

Smile away, even if you don’t DRAW to SMILE!


44 comments on “Still here…

  1. sorry I’m late in the discussion. For the record, Shafali, Mr Depp is #3 on my Hollywood sexiest actors list, after Brad (that you have already caricatured) and my Muse – no, don’t caricature HIM, thank you! 😉 Unless you ask ME first from which movie I want him, haha! 😀


      • I don’t like pirate Johnny. He is uncouth and boorish it it. The only saving grace was Keira Knightley. Please sketch her sometime 🙂


      • Ah…women and men are from different planets. I guess women are attracted to witty, humorous, and chivalrous men, despite their untidy, unkempt appearances. I should confess that I’d never have cared for Johnny Depp had he not become the pirate.
        About Keira Knightley…I do draw stick figures sometimes…so your suggestion is duly noted.
        Thanks for stopping by with your candid opinion on Mr. Depp – I appreciate it a lot:)


      • Thanks Barb:) My blog’s your blog…I am honored that you helped AD find her way around this place:)
        I’ve got to look at those avatars and then decide…but tell me…does that guy make you blush too?


    • Ajay this is what I get for giving you all those advice about getting married and how to save yourself from becoming a future Dishwasher? 😡 Dont play with my heart ok? Johnny Boy is the ultimate Pirate that has ever sailed on this earth….hmmpf! 😡


      • Oh I am sorry Sakshi. And thanks for saving me from the illusion created by Sooraj Barjatya movies like Vivaah 😀 😛 I didn’t know that Johnny pirate has such a great admirer in you 😀 I find this egregious (I learned this word from the Pirates movies. So showing off 😀 ) I never knew even he could have admirers when all Twilight crazy (=stupid) girls around me go gaga over that pale, skinny and vampire-ish Pattinson guy!


    • Barb thanks for guiding my eyes to the right and my one and oly hero’s pic 😛

      Shafali you have stated all the exact reasons why I adore my Johnny Deva :mrgreen: If it was not for the Pirate act, I would still have been that gal who never ever did any kind of hero worship. But that humour along with that stenchy smile blew my nose…err I mean my feet away 😛

      Ps: err am disguised coz am worried you might draw my face and pin it up on your wall for bloggers to throw Darts at 😥


  2. Hi shafali not sure who i would like sketched.. but these guys are already famous so why sketch them .. sketch someone who is not well knows ..

    like me perhaps he hehe .. just kidding

    i saw some of ur sketches they are good .. you shoud charge 🙂



  3. Sorry, Shafali, somehow missed this month’s story carnival. I hope the world doesn’t implode through the lack! Think it was my wallowing in self pity that did it. Like that last caricature, spot on. Keep drawing, your cheering the world up. 🙂


  4. Wow Shafali….

    Both Oprah and Leo are some of Gram’s favorite people… either would be a welcome addition ta yer blog and caricature list.

    I am tryin’ ta think up a story fer yer contest…but I’ve been havin’ a bit of brain drain. This old noggin’ isn’t as productive as it once was. What with the elections comin’ up and me havin’ ta help Gram choose just the right candidate fer the job…why it’s just mind-bogglin’. It’s such a shame that these old people need the help of the younger generation ta get by taday…….yep…..without us they would be sittin’ in chairs starin’ inta space all day……with nothin’ ta do…….what a waste…..fer sure……

    Dewey Dewster here….


    • Dear Dewey,
      I’ll be waiting for your tail (oops! I meant tale), which I am sure is going to be very furry (oops again! I meant funny!! What’s wrong with me?)
      Treats to you and regards to your hardworking Gram,


  5. Please sketch Leonardo DiCaprio. He is my favorite actor. And I adore him more since I saw Inception. Work on my entry to the carnival is in progress 🙂


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