Shafali the Caricaturist is being Abducted by Aliens…

They are here to kidnap me, and there’s nothing that anyone can do to stop them. I think I am the one to be blamed for it all – but regardless of where the blame lies, I am being taken away. These aliens have promised to bring me back, unbroken, undented, an unbruised – three days from tomorrow. I am part of an experiment, I’ve been told.

I know nothing for sure – but I promise to tell you the whole story when (and if) I am brought back alive (note that they didn’t say anything about bringing me back “undead.”)!

Until then, you are welcome to make yourself comfortable by checking out the caricatures here:-)

6 comments on “Shafali the Caricaturist is being Abducted by Aliens…

  1. Horrors – according to most Americans, you will end up carrying a superchild. Be very, very careful; they may be crazy but sometimes the US are right …… Hurry back, Shafali, have a good trip!


    • Ah…that’s one of the many things that the Americans have got wrong…or for once the aliens abducted a wrong subject – an Indian Caricaturist. After I reached their spaceship, I called a meeting of all the aliens and taught them some lessons on human psychology with examples of history and politics! They’ve promised not to return for at least another 100 years, by which time they expect half the humanity to be wiped off…and the other half to have forgotten politics!

      Ian, thanks for wishing me luck:) Now that I am back, I’ll return to serious work and create some caricatures.


    • Ajay…those aliens had come over from your end of the universe. I am safe. The moment I set foot in their spaceship I knew that I held the upper hand:) Guess UN should have me steer their Alien Welcoming Committee and make me represent the Earth.
      But thanks so much for your concern:)


    • Nah!
      They wanted me to transfer some of my super-powers to them…Aliens these days aren’t like the aliens of twenty years ago – their young have taken over! What’s the universe coming to…


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