I am back…

  • Alone – Not with a Super-child, as Ian feared.
  • Sane – Not with an addled-brain, as I feared.

Not at all different from the Shafali who was taken:)

The aliens, I hope, went away smarter!

I am sharpening my pencils and gathering my references – and I’d be posting some new caricatures soon. I’ll also be announcing the November 2010 Story-in-the-Caricature Carnival soon, hopefully tomorrow:)

Until then…

Draw to Smile!


4 comments on “I am back…

  1. Didn’t Captain Kirk once say “Klingons don’t take prisoners”? Glad they don’t!

    (P.S. I have started a new comic strip on my blog. It’s about the formation of a theatre company. No caricatures as of yet, but I’m having more fun drawing this stuff than my cats.)


  2. Welcome back Shafali…..I hope that the aliens treated you well…….and didn’t clone you, although the world could use another Shafali………..it was nice of them to drop you off so that you can continue your work of drawing caricatures…..they didn’t SLIME you did they? Just asking……


    • They didn’t clone me, but I can’t be sure. I must’ve left my DNA on the spaceship. You see I lose hair in a geometric progression! I was dying to get back to caricaturing because I know how important my job is – second in importance only to Dear Mr. Obama’s!

      BTW, I SLIMED Them! 😉


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