Celebrating 50000 Page Views:-) in Less than a Year!

Dear Friends, Readers, Visitors – regular and random, Fellow Bloggers, and Everyone else who happens to chance upon this post,

I am making this special post to mark this once-in-a-blog’s-lifetime occasion:-) This dear blog of mine was born last December, it hasn’t yet celebrated its first Birthday…and so I am mighty proud of my virtual blog-child for having achieved 50,000 views!


When I started this blog I started it because I wanted to share with the world  the happiness that I derived from the act of drawing. Despite being an artist and despite artists having a reputation of being critical of numbers  – I respect numbers for their objectivity.  I looked around for some data on blogging and realized that the 50K mark is considered an occasion to celebrate – and so I thought that I should celebrate too:)

Dear visitors, thank you for visiting – I hope that I will continue to draw new caricatures and that they’ll in turn, continue to draw you here:)

Dear WordPress Team, thank you for creating and managing such a wonderful, easy-to-use, and friendly blogging software. I would probably never have blogged if it weren’t for WordPress!

I am setting up the Blog Stats (Views Counter)  in the sidebar for a few day:)

Thanks and Best Wishes,

Shafali the Caricaturist.


6 comments on “Celebrating 50000 Page Views:-) in Less than a Year!

  1. Congratulations on achieving 50,000 blog views in less than 1 year. If we lived closer, we would all come and celebrate with you.

    May you achieve many more than 50,000 additional views in the next year and beyond.

    A mighty hooray and best wishes for continued success from the United States of America and the terrier crew!


  2. Many many congratulations Shafali. 50K in less than a year! That’s a huge number and this certainly calls for a celebration 🙂 This also shows we love your work so keep us busy with your sketches and caricatures 🙂


    • Thanks Ajay. 50K is a good number for an art blog – I’ll try to bring more caricatures to the blog this year – let us wait and watch.
      I appreciate your commenting and sharing in my happiness:)


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