Thank You Nancy! Coming up soon…the Polymer Clay Caricature of the Horned Devil:-)

This week I received a fabulous surprise, which swept me off my feet. From a land far far away came a box….and in that box were two Clay Sculpting Tool-sets  and many other beautiful inspirations in the form of clay dogs.  I’d like to thank Nancy Johanson (Dewey‘s Gram) for everything that I’ve ever done with clay (which isn’t really much so far – about 2.5 clay caricatures) and everything that I’ll ever do. I would never have discovered this beautiful medium – I’d never have thought that the little clay packets that they sold in those stationery stores with those not-so-inspirational clay model pictures on their boxes held such potential.

Nancy, whatever I do with clay – ever in my life, would be because of you. You are my inspiration…and I hope that one day I’ll make you proud. Thank you for the tools. I am so happy to have a tool for sculpting every little idea that pops into my head. myspace graphic comments

The eyebrow tweezers and the screwdrivers are no match to even a single tool in this fabulous collection. I hope that you’ll all see a marked improvement in the level of detail and the overall quality of my clay caricatures.

The sculpture of the Horned Devil, my first attempt to create a Polymer Clay Sculpture with the tools, is done – but it has to be painted before it can debut on the blog:)  I shall complete it soon and post it for your viewing pleasure.

– Shafali


4 comments on “Thank You Nancy! Coming up soon…the Polymer Clay Caricature of the Horned Devil:-)

    • Peter…I assume that this is a promo comment – but you’ve obviously put in some effort in making it relevant, so I am de-spamming it:) I hope your sculpting tools website gets a lot of business.
      Warm Regards,


  1. Shafali,

    You are most welcome for the tools and the other trinkets. I can tell that you have a natural talent for many things….drawing, writing and teaching are among those many talents. Now you can add clay sculpting to that ever-growing list of accomplishments. Even with a 100 tools and the patience of Job, I could not create the intricate detail that you do in your sculptures. You have vision and an eye for detail and a vivid imagination too.

    Jackie Evancho, our very own hometown celebrity, said on national TV that her beautiful voice is a gift from God and while I know that your beliefs are not the same as ours, I do believe that your many talents are a gift from God as well. Take good care of those talents and cherish them too.



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