Love Keanu Reeves? You Need to Check out his Portraits by Barbara G. Tarn!

All of us have a secret cupboard in our minds…and in this cupboard with keep our fantasies stashed away. Once in a while, when our unending chores allow us some rest and privacy, we open this cupboard and we check upon our fantasies, some of which appear ludicrous speckled with the dust of time while others look richer and more inviting. When did you last check the cupboard of your fantasies? Who did you find there?

  • Who do you moon over?
  • Who makes you swoon?!

Barb or Barbara G. Tarn’s heart beats faster for Keanu Reeves – and she makes no secret of her passion for this handsome Hollywood Hero. She doesn’t lock the cupboard…guess she can’t – it’s probably overflowing with her sketches and drawings of him!

I’d never have known how much she liked him had I not seen her book of Keanu Reeves Portraits. If you are a fan of Keanu Reeves (or if you ARE Keanu Reeves) you need a copy of this book:)