Can you Pull yourself up?! The Caricaturist asked and Confused herself.

Can you pull yourself up?

Imagine that you are sitting in a loop at one end of a rope passing over a pulley attached to the ceiling, holding the other end of the rope in your hand (please recall a similar dilemma, which our dear pathetic Romeo faced,)  The question is – can you pull yourself up? What’s your answer?

  1. No way! Nobody could do that!
  2. I can’t do it but I am sure that Schwarzenegger could.
  3. I can’t but Keira Knightley could. (BTW, interesting picture on that link…the third when you scroll down – 99% of the women in this world won’t be able to wear that dress without making it look vulgar.)
  4. I can but nobody else can.

What do you say?

I’ll share my personal experience. I was down in the dungeon of Sloth, waiting for the devil to send his minions to get me – so that I could burn in hell for my deadly sin when I had this inspiration. I thought that I’d shed sloth and confess my sins on my blog, and everything’d slide back to normal! So I tried to pull myself up and out…and I wore myself out the last three days trying to get out, but I failed.  Fortunately, just before the minions arrived, Oprah Winfrey came to me with a conditional pardon from Hell. I am under observation and if I don’t become lazy again, I might be a free woman again.

So, despite the complete lack of response for the Story Carnival, I am smiling:) I’ll post a caricature of the sad me soon, when I share my Story Carnival woes with you. In the meantime, I’m back on duty – Oprah wants a payback for her good deed:-)


12 comments on “Can you Pull yourself up?! The Caricaturist asked and Confused herself.

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  3. Getting nowhere with your caricature, Shafali, probably the “bereavement” is too distracting. I have also begun a daily meditation session which, I wonder, affects one’s emotional energy? Don’t know but some of the writers I know seem to have a store of “issues”, some good ones and some bad ones and it’s as though they channel this energy into writing. I s’pose that’s not true of them all though. But I only seem to write fiction (or blogs) if I am wound up. Speaking of which, I can certainly lift my own weight with a pulley, although a fairly inefficient one, I had to do it when climbing.


    • I am enchanted by your visit, Ian Holliday – you are an engineer worth his knowledge of Mechanics. So can we go ahead and select “b” as the correct option?

      I can understand the effect the tragedy must’ve had on you and so please don’t feel bad about not writing a story. I am not someone who gives up easily…so expect more caricature-story carnivals in future:)

      Warm Regards and thanks for visiting.


  4. Know what Shafali? I started on your Romeo and Juliet theme and made myself gag so I deleted it. Romeo was so pathetic, I just could not continue. Especially since Juliet was playing him like a puppet after just being seduced by the very same tattoo artist who did an incredible likeness of Romeo on her left breast!

    The tattoo theme had merit, but I could not destroy such a determined young man who was working so hard to pull himself up.

    Come to think of it, I was attempting to pull a story through the pulley!

    Likely I spared you the embarrassment of having to decline a link! 🙂


    • Hi Amy,
      The concept sounds very interesting:) A pathetic Romeo is the reality of today. Don’t you wonder what happened to those tall, dark, handsome, rugged, and manly men, of those teenage romances? I guess the romances of today have a tattooed and pierced hero and an equally if not more pierced heroine…so your story would’ve been a reflection of the times we live in. I wish you had written it 😦
      But thanks for giving it a thought:)
      Warm Regards,


  5. Please don’t take our lack of inspiration and creativity personally!

    We stop in each post to marvel and ahhhhhh

    Sadly, right now Khyra’s Blog and the resultant visits to the others zap our time and ‘khleverness’

    Plus, the minions of the devil responsible for no job are winning the battle for my soul –

    So, please ask woof-know-who to give you something from us!


    • Oh wow! Khyra and her Mom, I am so happy that you left a comment. I admire all of you-know-who’s friends and their loving humans. Don’t worry about me…sniff! I am getting used to it…and I can understand how the devil and his minions have a chest of spanners handy to make our plans go berserk. Ear-scratches to beautiful Khyra and an ear-to-ear smile all-a-dazzle with my bucktooth hanging out – to you:)


  6. Good that you came out of slumber. I think everybody should be able to lift themselves up but the fact remains that not everyone can exert a force equal to their weight. I think I surely can though I’ve never tried 😀 I couldn’t find Keira at the link you’ve given 😦 Keira can definitely lift herself up for that matter. I was busy with another story so I couldn’t write on Romeo and Juliet though I have a rough plot. The story I finished writing yesterday is really long (8 pages!) so I want to ask you should I publish it in parts or as a whole? Would people read my silly words? Advise, Shafali 🙂


    • Advice: Break it up into at least three parts and leave a teaser at the end for the first two parts – I guess that’s what the real writer-bloggers would do…but then what would I know. All the best and waiting to read your story:)
      You can find Keira’s wiki link now…you were going right with the answer…until you made the glorious error of stating that Keira could lift herself up – haven’t you heard that for days Keira suffered with a shoulder-ache. The doctors (the best of the best) couldn’t find anything wrong with her. Then one day, when she decided to change her chemise, her shoulder-ache mysteriously disappeared. Her maid picked up the discarded chemise and found a dead ant on left shoulder-strap!


  7. I would have killed to compete, but I wrote my story before I saw your contest.. The second point, it is holiday season and mood everywhere or at least in spirit in most places in the blogosphere, so may be things didn’t turn out as you would have thought! Sorry, but cheer up!
    OK, good to know that you are working on your “sloth”.. Shall I tell you something, I post every Sunday night and till now, just less than 72 hours away, and I don’t even have a plot idea for a post 😦 For me, it is sloth, work and a lot of other things – lets just summarize and call them distractions 😉


    • I guess the holiday season will take its toll on our creativity, or probably channel it into other directions:) Work is a more preferable companion than Sloth…at the end of the day it leaves you with a certain degree of satisfaction…
      “killed to compete”…I wonder whether that’d be a good idea. But then, you are a writer and you’d spin a story out of it – won’t you?
      Warm Regards and tons of thanks for visiting again:)


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