November Blog Carnival Hits a Record Low with One Entry!

and the Caricaturist steps into the dark abyss of depression…HELP! SOS! Where’s the pulley?!!!

A Cartoon, Caricature, Sketch of a woman artist suffering artist's block. She's depressed and unhappy. A mouse, a dog, and a bee commiserate.

What will inspire them?!

The November Blog Carnival was a washout.  Here’s the only story that Romeo and Juliet could manage to wheedle out.

The Love of my Life” a Short Story by the Canine Storyteller, the WiseK9 Oorvi.

This is the story of a modern day Juliet, her Romeo, and their servant Paris. The tale has a twist in its tail, which is natural because Oorvi’s own tail has a beautiful twist at its end.  BTW,  all those visitors who like my work might want to download the story in .pdf form too, as it contains a high-resolution, full-page image of the Colored Romeo and Juliet Caricature! I don’t do a lot of color (blame it on my aversion for time-consuming activities.)

But then there’s some good news too 🙂

1. Oprah Winfrey the Greatest Talk Show Host ever, and Sachin Tendulkar the God of Cricket are ready to make their appearance here. I am happy that they accepted my invitation. Right now, they are backstage, waiting for their cue to appear on the blog-stage and delight you. Amazing…isn’t it? Such famous people waiting for their turn to appear on my humble blog. Wow!

2. I, the renowned artist (yes, yes – go ahead…laugh all you want, but in my house everyone knows me – the picture above proves my claim,) known for her alacrity in matters of artistic workarounds that save time and effort, managed to push herself into creating her first pen-and-ink pet drawing. I’ve done pen-and-ink drawings before, but a pet, especially one who looks  like Albus Dumbledore is a very different and considerably formidable challenge. Every morning, I’d wake up wanting to do the drawing, but then I’d look at the sketch and think – what if I couldn’t?

I know no heavens would’ve fallen if I couldn’t…and I had the much easier option of reaching out for my color pencils – but I didn’t want to give in. This particular pet has a very special place in my heart and wanted to create what I had first thought of creating – a glamorous pen-and-ink drawing!

Yesterday, I drove myself to put the pen to the drawing…and then I just went on drawing! Then I set it on my table and moved back a few paces. Any artist would know that this was the time of reckoning – especially for a pen & ink drawing. You see, you don’t make corrections in these drawings because you can’t. So I moved back and looked at the drawing and the dear dog smiled back at me through his silky beard!

So, the Dungeon of Sloth is a thing of past. The payback to Oprah is done, and everything is back to normal 🙂


10 comments on “November Blog Carnival Hits a Record Low with One Entry!

    • Hi Raghav,
      I hope you follow your instincts:) Thanks for the comment and also for thinking about writing a story – new caricature for the story is coming up any day now – so I’ll remain hopeful.
      Warm Regards,


  1. Aw Mercury…, I mean Shafali…..

    I tell ya I just couldn’t get myself motivated enuf ta create another story. I tell ya it’s so cold here, I can hardly motivate myself ta do much of anythin’. I feel bad ta have let ya down but ya have ta understand….right now I’m only thinkin’ of exterminatin’ vermin…..that’s all my mind can get it’s cylinders around at the moment. I am just plain fixated on vermin….’n that was such a lovely picture of Romeo and Juliet that simply reaked of love and romance that my obsession with vermin at the moment just didn’t allow any deviation from the blood and gore ta love and romance. I hope ya understand.

    If I can get outta this funk, I will try ta get inspired enough ta write again. Why, I haven’t even updated my blog lately….I really need some inspiration here……I sure hope it arrives soon….yes siree…..

    In the meantime I look forward ta seein’ Oprah gracin’ yer blog…..what a time we’re gonna have here in the states when she’s no longer on TV every day. How will we pass the time? Only time will tell……

    Dewey Dewster here….


    • Don’t shed your fur over the story, Dewey. Though I am sad that I couldn’t read more stories, yet I know that there’d be more carnivals in future so there’s nothing to worry about:)
      You stay warm and make sure that others in the family do too…and you are right about your blog. It’s a good idea to tie your Gram to the chair and make her do a post for you.
      Ear-scratches and treats,


    • Thanks Khyra…I am so touched. I am already half-way out…but I am sure there’d be a next time. Ask your mom to bring doughnuts and cookies and I’ll bring along some Biryani. The best way to beat depression is…EAT 🙂


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