Announcement – Blog Carnival for Bloggers – Tell the Story-in-the-Caricature – December 2010 – Edition 7!

Header for Story-in-the-Caricature Blog Carnival Announcement December 2010

Dear visitors, bloggers made of matter as well as antimatter, and all other esteemed treasure-seekers,

The November 2010 Storytelling Blog Carnival was…well, to be honest…it had but one participating entry – so, you can’t even say that it was a carnival 😦

But let’s not worry about the past; let us charge into the future!

Here’s the caricature for the December Carnival.

Caricature, Cartoon, Color Drawing of a Sad young man sitting on the steps - Concept image for the Tell the Story in the Caricature Blog Carnival.

What's his story?

Here are the Rules for the Carnival:

1. Write a story, small or big, about this caricature.

2. Publish the story on your blog, along with this caricature.

3. Leave the link to your post, as a comment to this post here.

4. The festival ends at the midnight of December 31, 2010.

The Three Rewards for this Story Carnival:

1. All the story links added for stories published along with the above caricature, until the last date, will be published on this blog in January  2011, along with the blog-address, and a link to the About Page of your blog.

2. The blog addresses of the participating bloggers will find way into my “The Storytellers” blogroll, and of course in the Carnival posts that I make through out this month.

3. We will also request all the story-writers to publish the links of other story-writers in a blog-post on their respective blogs. This will help the story writers find more readers – but of course, this would be voluntary.

An Important Note:

This blog has absolutely no tolerance for pornography and abusive language and so any comment/story containing such material will automatically disqualify from the Carnival.

Let your creative juices flow…tell us your story 🙂


11 comments on “Announcement – Blog Carnival for Bloggers – Tell the Story-in-the-Caricature – December 2010 – Edition 7!

  1. And I’m all caught up 🙂 Congratulations on all the successes your blog has achieved! I now “follow” your blog, so hopefully I won’t fall so behind 🙂


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    • Thanks Sri:) I appreciate your kind gesture. You do have a concept, which could be woven into a lovely story – how about closing your eyes and imagining this guy who’s run away from home.


  5. I might be interested in this, will make up something soon.. Please keep in mind, a happy ending is the order of my day.. Hey, I hope I can always dream happy, right?!
    Ok, the number 1. rule, is that a typo, “will be published on this blog in November 2010”!
    Thanks, great drawing, now I have to think of something to make that dude happy 😉


    • The intent to participate is enough to win my heart, dear Heart:) And thanks for pointing out the November 2010 goofup! I am still suffering from the hangover of my last trip into the past, I guess – but despite my double-vision, I’ve made the change. It should be January 2011.
      Warm Regards,


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