New Year Resolutions – Need Help? 10 Suggestions from the Caricaturist.

This is the time when all smart people buy new diaries and write their New Year Resolutions in their best handwriting. This post is for the Resolution Drafters of the world. I wish you all a very Happy New Year in which you are able to keep all your resolutions (or at least most of those that matter.)

Here’s a list of possible resolutions that you could add to your Charter of Resolutions.

You could resolve to:

1.    Give up smoking! (once again, and hope that you’ll be able to keep this resolution for more than two days.)
2.    Make your current, ex! (And ensure that you do it just once in the New Year.)
3.    Find a New Job! (Which you’d realize becomes an old job before the year ends.)
4.    Love your spouse as much as you love your dog…or cat (and fail. Because you’d realize that this is an impossible-to-keep resolution.)
5.    Not become depressed. (Not even trying to figure out ways to contain your depression.)
6.    Give up drinking (Same as “Give up Smoking.”)
7.    Lose weight (for a fortnight, and then gain double back.)
8.    Make up with your Mother-in-Law (by sending her a card sprinkled with itching powder.)
9.    Get your first book published (and not mope when you sell three copies – bought by your mom, your sister, and your dog.)
10.    Make no more resolutions that you can’t keep!

The good news is that this List of Resolutions is re-usable! You can use it again in 2011, 2012…and so on. It’s got a forever shelf life 🙂

Wish you a Happy New Year 2011!


14 comments on “New Year Resolutions – Need Help? 10 Suggestions from the Caricaturist.

  1. Funny list… 😀 Liked it…
    Its impossible to love anyone more than my cat….
    And yeah the best way to start the New Year is not to make any resolutions… And I did that only… 🙂


  2. Dang, you are as funny when you write as when you draw!! Ha ha, Ok, thanks for the 8, so it is proven that the formula works?! Good, let me get to work!

    Wanted to wish you a wonderful and happy new year!
    I can’t wait to see who will bring around here and present to us!! Maybe you can try sketching your readers too – He he he


    • Thanks Heart. I am glad you liked 8 – my favorite:) I haven’t created my to-sketch list so far…so I’ll just blunder on, on whoever, whenever, whatever basis.
      – Shafali


  3. No smoking, no drinking. So two are done. No current so no ex. Three are done. Instead of losing weight, I need to gain some. That makes it four. Yes, I need to find a job. 🙂 Did you get your book published? Wishing you a very happy new year! 🙂


    • The book is one of my to-dos for this year:) Thanks for the wish – same to you. I hope you’ll get a fab GRE score and visit Heart when you are in the US:)


  4. Ewwwww, I like the resolution about making up with your Mother-in-law……..can you think of something more deadly than the itching powder though? Just a thought…….

    I have never actually made New Year resolutions and so I don’t have a failure rate to report on but if I had made any….I’m thinking that 100% of them would have been broken within a week. So much for making changes……


  5. Hi Shafali,

    I gave making new year resolutions some time ago because I no longer believe in them.
    I did buy a new diary though 🙂 I find it somehow more intimate to write by hand than post in an electronic journal.

    Happy holidays to you and your loved ones.


    • Hi Shiona,
      Thanks for stopping by. It’s been a while:) In the recent months, I too have not be very active in the blogosphere. Guess it doesn’t really matter whether you make resolutions or not – what matters is whether you can keep them. And I think if I stopped buying diaries, the manufacturers would experience a steep decline in their revenues – If I used 1 out of 4 that I buy, I’d be one of the most prolific writers in the world…


  6. Hi Shafali,
    ITs really an interesting one, I really liked the concluding para: “The good news is that this List of Resolutions is re-usable! You can use it again in 2011, 2012…and so on. It’s got a forever shelf life”
    Keep it up my dear fried at Google’s Knol
    We Wish you a bright, blessed, Happy & Prosperous New Year 2011
    Br. Phil


    • Hi Philip,
      I am glad you find the re-usability bit interesting. I am a keen supporter of people reusing stuff – especially un-copyrighted stuff! (guess my grammar went out of the window and landed on some poor overworked grammarian’s head.)
      Thanks for visiting. A very Happy and Beautiful New Year to you too.
      Warm Regards,


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