December 2010 Blog Carnival – The Story “Little Mo and the Shooting Star” by Heart!

The Story-in-the-Caricature blog carnival – December 2010 Edition, inspired one story, but it was worth it:) I loved the story and so did the other readers of this fascinating blog “A Connection to my Heart

Dear Readers, Read the story, “Little Mo and the Shooting Star,”  here, and read about this extremely versatile author who has a unique blogging perspective, here.

And now…about the other story, which my dog wrote on December 29, 2010; but which she didn’t post until now – I will wait until the WiseK9 lady condescends to make that post and inform her forever assistant about it:)


9 comments on “December 2010 Blog Carnival – The Story “Little Mo and the Shooting Star” by Heart!

  1. Off to read Heart’s story. Where is the caricature for 2011 story carnival? I’ll be waiting because I’ve run out of ideas and need some inspiration to write.


      • No it’s not the inspiration quotient of your caricatures being low, it’s lazy fellas like us who can’t write. Don’t stop this please. How can I forget that I wrote my first story inspired by your artwork and people liked that. 🙂 I am sure Heart would also join me in convincing you to not give up. 🙂


      • You bet, one more for me too Shafali 😉 A tradition is a tradition, whether 100’s follow it or one – it always has to be uplifted.. 🙂
        And imagine Shafali this story carnival is also one more significant personality trait of your blog!
        Phew, I hope I made a strong case for Ajay! 😉


      • I am not a person who believes that we should follow traditions no matter what, but I agree with you about the story carnival being an important personality trait of this blog…thanks:) Motivation’s up another notch.


  2. Thanks for the footage Shafali.. And a BIG thank you to you and your caricature for the idea!! Glad to see you back, I wondered for a little while how your version of caricature’s block would be 😉
    WiseK9 sounds wise indeed, hope to read her story soon.. ! 😀
    Thanks, waiting for your next..!


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