December 2010 Story Carnival – “Walking in Circles” – A Short Story by Oorvi


Finally my dog shook off her sloth, got out of her bed, and posted her story.  You know how lazy she is…and so it shouldn’t surprise you that she’s posted her story as a .pdf.  The good news is that the .pdf also includes the caricature, and so if you click the download button, you’d get something more than the WiseK9’s Twisty Tale “Walking in Circles”!

Do read the story to figure out why you can’t control everything, and why Sid keeps walking in circles.

That’s all for now…

And yes, please let me know if you’d like the Blog Carnival to continue…because I am not sure 😦




8 comments on “December 2010 Story Carnival – “Walking in Circles” – A Short Story by Oorvi

  1. Hi Shafali,

    I downloaded the story and hope ta get it read tonight.

    Ya think Oorvi is lazy? Humph……ya must think I’m a slovenly slut since I can’t get my brain workin’ at all…..nope….no story forthcomin’ from this canine….not even a paragraph…….not even a sentence……..dead imagination…..which could be caused by the medication I’m takin’…..except I’m not takin’ any medication…….But then ya know I have a really important job ta do here watchin’ out fer vermin tryin’ ta sneak inta our X-pen. That takes all of my time lately….patrollin’ my estate here….

    Why, I tell ya….someone stole the horn right offa Pap’s golf cart….I can’t find it anywhere, I tell ya….it’s vanished…..but I’m still sniffin’ around tryin’ ta find it and if I do…it’ll be back on the golf cart right where it belongs just so I can chew it up. Ya can’t trust anyone…..

    Dewey Dewster here….


    • Thanks Dewey…I am sure Oorvi appreciates it:) She is a lazy pup but I can’t blame her for being lazy…I think she takes after me:)

      I just made a post about your portrait. Hope you like it:)


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