Coming up Next…A Caricature of a Portrait!

Last night I dreamed that I couldn’t get out of my house because my caricatures were protesting outside. My caricatures had organized a rally and they had congregated from all over the world to protest against my casual attitude towards them. They were holding placards that read “The Caricaturist has let us down”, “We want her out!”, “It’s our blog!”, “She’s turned against us!”…and so on!

Guess I’ve been keeping busy with drawing portraits and dreaming about meeting Leonardo da Vinci in person.  But that Caricature Rally jolted me back to my senses, and I drew a caricature.

Coming up Next – IS the CARICATURE of a PORTRAIT – The Mona Lisa (also called Monalisa) by the arto-scientific genius Leonardo da Vinci 🙂

For all of you who’ve boarded the Caricature Express recently, here’s the caricature of the Master,  drawn from his self-portrait.


A caricature, cartoon, sketch, portrait of the great artist leonardo da vinci who was also a sculptor, an inventor, and a writer.

Monalisa's Creator - Leonardo da Vinci!

I’ll meet you at the next station with Monalisa’s caricature and the true explanation of her smile!



15 comments on “Coming up Next…A Caricature of a Portrait!

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  2. Ummmmm, I bet there is someone else who has a better head of hai….hair that is actually insured. And he just happens to be one of the great football players on the Pittsburgh Steelers football team….check out one of his videos for Head and Shoulders Shampoo.

    Now that’s a head of hair….Troy Polamalu…..hope he stays healthy for the Super Bowl! Go Steelers !



  3. First portrait of 2011 and it’s of the master – the jack of all trades! 🙂 Nice caricature Shafali but why Leonardo is frowning? Would you leave a self-portrait like him? And yes I want myself caricatured by you. Tell me when you’re free. 😀


  4. Somehow I like this dude now! No kidding, his frown is more pleasant, and his beard.. so well kept and combed.. I love it 😉
    Great portrait Shafali!! Now, I think you should draw a self portrait with a frown, then the caricatures which are protesting will realize how ‘non-casual’ you are while caricaturing.. 😀


    • Self-portrait…I did the last one when I was sixteen:) Never again!
      I know, his beard looks so well-kept. He could’ve been the brand ambassador for L’oreal if he lived today.


  5. I bet Leonardo would be thrilled to see your rendition of him! Also – when I do see your Mona Lisa – I bet I’ll think, “Oh look she’s done the Mona Lisa”.

    Don’t label it…we will! 😀


  6. Wow Shafali,

    A caricature of the Mona Lisa… that will be somethin’…..always did think she had such a sour look on ‘er face…downright bored she was…..course maybe she had ta sit fer hours ‘n hours fer that Leonardo fella ta get ‘er painted like that….sittin’ still would make ya look bored and sour ‘n a lot of other things too…..

    The only time I sit still is when I’m watchin’ out fer vermin….ya have ta be still then cause ya don’t wanna tip ’em off that yer there watchin’ fe ’em… siree….

    I hope ya give Mona a smile….

    Dewey Dewster here…


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