Caricature/Cartoon – Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers – National Football League of America

I wouldn’t have known about Troy Polamalu, the Steelers, or even the NFL…had it not been for Tim Berners LeeMatt Mullenweg, and Nancy Johanson, so I begin this post by thanking them.

But I learned about him, I looked at his images and his videos and I was smitten…by his hair!

A cartoon, caricature, sketch, drawing, portrait of Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers, National Football League of the US, Superbowl

Troy Polamalu of Pittsburgh Steelers, and his Magnificent Hair!

Especially for the fans of Troy Polamalu:

Download Troy Polamalu’s  Printable High-Resolution Caricature (PDF)

Troy Polamalu’s Shortest Biography on the Web (and I mean it.)

Troy Polamalu who plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers in different defensive roles, was born on April 19, 1981. He began playing for the Steelers in 2003. He first played in the Superbowl of 2006, which the Steelers won with 21-10 defeating the Seattle Seahawks. In 2007, the Steelers gave him a never-before-seen-in-the-history-of-Steelers contract, which totals around USD 50 Million.

Polamalu’s Change of Name:

He changed his surname to Polamalu, his mom’s maiden name. He was earlier called, Troy Aumua!

Polamalu’s Jersey Number 43 (yes, I mean it.)

His Jersey #43 moved from being the 15th highest selling jersey among all NFL jerseys in 2008, to the highest selling jersey in 2010 (according to the shop.)

Polamalu’s Personal Life:

Troy Polamalu is married to Theodora, has two sons, is an Orthodox Christian, and a soft-spoken person.

Polamalu’s Hair (Ahem!):

Here’s the math.
Let’s say, I took time “t” to draw his caricature.
I spent 0.9t (90% for the right-brained a.k.a. mathematically challenged) time drawing his hair!
So his Hair IS important, and this is probably why P&G has paid a Million Dollars to get his hair insured. (Reason: He endorses the Head & Shoulders Shampoo) . The Steeler #43 gets a haircut about once a decade, and grapevine has it that if anyone thinks ill of his hair, he ends up staying late at work on the Superbowl night – so Beware!

Question: Do you think Clay Matthews‘ hair can compete with Polamalu’s?

Another interesting byte about Troy & Clay is that they both played college football at University of Southern California!

Read more about Troy Polamalu at the Wikipedia Page

Data Hounds, find data at:

Interesting Byte:

As all celebrities have their sets of alternate amorous realities, I tried searching for Polamalu’s by googling for “Polamalu Love Affair” – Guess what popped up?

And…quoting Polamalu:

“We’re a road team. We’re the Pittsburgh Steelers. We have fans everywhere.”

About Superbowl 2011…

And now about the Superbowl XLV (45 for the non-Romans), in which the Pittsburgh Steelers will play the Green Bay Packers of Wisconsin in the Cowboy Stadium at Arlington, Texas!
The Superbowl tickets went for..
$2842  to $23730  each!!!


(Sorry! Had to pause to pull my eyeballs back into their sockets!)

Guess they are ALL sold out now (Imagine that!)


Wherever you watch the Superbowl 2011…

in your homes or in a sports bar…

Go Wave your Terrible Towels…
Fly the Steelers Flags…
Paint yourselves Gold and Black…

May the Steelers win the Superbowl 2011!


15 comments on “Caricature/Cartoon – Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers – National Football League of America

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  4. 90% of the time on his hair! I don’t understand why do man keep long hairs. It doesn’t look good plus it gets so difficult to manage. How do women manage it? :respect:


    • :respect again: I have short hair. Once upon a time when I was sixteen and had beautiful, long, and unmanageable hair, I got so tired of maintaining it that I went to the nearest boutique and got it chopped off…have felt rather lightheaded since:)


  5. Haa…his hair got him all that money? 😯 Well now I seriously wish I wasn’t clumsy enough to at least kick a ball 🙄 I have the same hair you see minus the footwork 😥

    You are awesome with your caricature…ohh I said that almost on every post no? hmmmm


    • Hi AD, Welcome back:)
      It’s not just his hair that got him the money…guess the hair-money followed the football money, which led to the jersey-money for NFL!
      Thanks for the appreciation – it keeps me going:)


  6. Oh Shafali,

    You have outdone yourself this time…….what a wonderful caricature !!!! I wonder how I can get Troy to see this. I think I will try sending the link to the Pgh. TV stations and see if they can run with it.

    And yes, football players make a ton of money….especially if they are good. The prices for the game tickets and their actual salaries are obscene… least I think so. It doesn’t cost an arm and leg to watch it on TV so I will limit my game viewing to the television.

    Thanks a bunch !


    • Thanks Nancy 🙂 I am glad you liked it. Thanks for offering to send to it the TV stations; if any of them decides to run it then I guess I will reach him. And you are welcome! His hair possessed me and I drew him in a trance 🙂 Can’t remember a thing. When I came to my senses, I found that the caricature was already drawn! I wish I had hair like that:)


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