The Caricaturist Returns from Atlantis – with Fins and Gills!

I see that the blog has been as active as ever  and that the caricatures have been doing their bit to keep this place busy. Thank you my Dear Caricatures. My special thanks to:

This morning, I found myself bobbing up and down in the swimming pool of Hyatt Regency. I was semi-conscious and dressed in what can best be described an aquatic gear. But what the staff at the hotel truly found surprising was that I had sprouted fins and gills. I guess it comes from spending the last two weeks in the City of Atlantis. The fins and the gills are gradually reducing in size…even the webs that had grown between my fingers are shrinking! This means that I should be able to draw more caricatures soon!

More later…I am still not able to breathe properly in dry air, I need to dunk my head in a water jar to get my oxygen…

See you soon:)


3 comments on “The Caricaturist Returns from Atlantis – with Fins and Gills!

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    • I didn’t mind leaving Atlantis. Actually, it’s not very different from this world – it’s run by politicians and manipulated for greed. I prefer evil of the known variety:)

      I’ll follow your advice…though I am not sure if I’ve brought along enough prophetic ability…


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